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Linux Red Hat Clustering

Maximum uptime and business continuity for your Linux server environment is guaranteed with our Red Hat clustering solution. This, combined with our 100% network uptime guarantee and 24/7/365 support, ensures your business is online and in the safest hands.

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What is Red Hat Clustering?

Our Red Hat clustering solution is configured to ensure the high-availability of your Linux server environment. It works by joining two or more Linux servers together into what's called a cluster.

So, if your primary service experiences a disruption, the Red Hat software and UKFast monitoring systems ensure the remaining servers take over the service automatically with minimal downtime.

Providing excellent cost-efficiencies, Red Hat clustering is great for any business that cannot tolerate disruption or damage to their brand due to downtime or technical issues.

red hat clustering

Why Red Hat Clustering?

  • Minimal disruption to your business in the event of a server failure, enabling your applications and business to resume operations quickly
  • Cost-effective high availability solution for businesses of all sizes
  • Technical Linux experts on hand 24/7/365
  • Boost productivity through increased uptime
  • Avoid customer frustration and dissatisfaction over loss of service
  • Automated failover as cluster software detects the failure and moves services and resources to the other servers in the cluster
  • Carry out maintenance on your server environment with minimal downtime
  • No single point of failure, with N+1 redundancy throughout the entire solution, from the data centre it's housed in, to the components within the servers
  • You don't need any specialised hardware, software or in-house skills - we provide the entire solution for you
  • Achieve the same level of predictable, consistent service that large organisations can achieve with their costly complex HA system environments, when combined with BCP
  • The failover process is pain-free, with no contention or effect on performance.

Under the Bonnet

The servers are connected using a dedicated network interface so they can communicate with each other without the risk of network disruption across external interfaces. With this kind of clustering, there is often no need to modify the application and if integrated with network storage appliances (such as a SAN) has the ability to scale your clustering solution as and when you need.

Our fully-trained team of Linux engineers understand all the complexities of running clustered solutions, and have the necessary experience behind them so you know that you're expertly advised and supported. What's more, we're on hand 24/7/365 with a 'three rings and you're in' policy, a firm favourite with clients.

Active-Passive Clustering

Active-Passive Red Hat environments, also known as failover clusters, operate by having redundant (passive) servers sitting in a constant state of readiness awaiting a service failure event from the primary service provider.

During a failover event the passive server(s) will assume the role of the primary server(s) and continue providing the clustered service. Meanwhile, your original server is worked on, restored and then brought back online.

Active-Active Clustering

Active-Active Red Hat environments operate by having primary (active) servers which are always online, running your service.

In the event of a server failure or interruption, the remaining active servers take over all the services, ensuring your business stays online. Meanwhile your inactive server is worked on, restored and then brought back online.

Once back online, the servers can return to their original state, joining the cluster and resuming the service.

red hat clustering

Our new Linux server solution has more CPU, faster processors and a solid state hard drive. We needed to double the speed of our servers to cope with the amount of visitors the site gets - up to 64,000 visits a day -and that's exactly what we've achieved.

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