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Rapid Deployment Saves Time and Costs

Rapid deployment is the ability to provision and deploy standard machine builds in a very short amount of time with little or no extra additional configuration of the machine once it has been deployed.

Using this technique you save time and money, as well as requiring less in-house skill. It encourages consistent standards too; you can provision one "standards ready" machine with all the appropriate software. This process is known as 'create one, deploy many'.

Rapid deployment provides faster introduction of complex, multi product solutions, helping to reduce installation, configuration and integration time, as well as lowering the possibility of error rates.

However as technology becomes ever more complex, deployment across multiple, heterogeneous networks involves more time, money and risk (depending on the nature of the project).

Using a virtualised solution from UKFast (either Hyper-V or VMWare) you can very quickly launch new servers and services whilst still maintaining the highest levels of service and business uptime. This creates a highly available, resilient and rapidly deploying system using true server virtualisation on proven hardware and virtualisation software.

Benefits of rapid deployment

  • Encourage best practice, standardisation
  • Out-of-the-box deployment
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Reduce Opex & Capex by leveraging an automated approach
  • Helps reduce errors and need for specialised skills
  • Improves delivery quality by using proven deployment patterns
  • Reduces complexity, risk, time and cost.

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