PROprotection Gives You More

PROprotection is the very latest in hosting innovation - a complete managed solution which guarantees ultimate online security and performance - unmatched by any other UK provider.

We know that in this age of cyber crime and viral threat the only responsible action is to protect our clients' online businesses. Through PROprotection, we've assembled a package that combines key technical advancements of our R&D team and industry leading brands, with the highest levels of service and support.

  • SLA+

    Get priority support with 15 minute rapid response and a 1 hour hardware replacement guarantee.

  • Managed Cisco ASA Firewall

    Delegate the complexities of firewall operation to the experts, whilst retaining the peace of mind that you have essential security for your business 24/7/365. 

  • Backup

    Rest assured that your critical data is completely backed up, with ample spare storage capacity and no limitations.

  • Advanced Monitoring

    We proactively monitor your hosting environment 24/7 and identify any potential areas of vulnerability before problems arise - letting you concentrate on your business while we safeguard your interests. We'll text or email you immediately an issue arises.

  • Quarterly Vulnerability Scans

    We offer Quarterly Vulnerability scans against your external-facing servers, to identify weaknesses that could be exploited by malicious users. Our in-house engineers can then fix any vulnerabilities identified, ensuring your solution remains secure.

  • McAfee Active-Virus Defence

    McAfee anti-virus server protection ensures you are protected against the most harmful viral strains, leaving you free to concentrate on your business.

  • Disaster Recover

    If you've ever suffered a failed hard drive, you'll know first-hand just how costly and time-consuming recovering your data can be. Our on-site clean room allows our technicians to begin data recovery immediately should a hard drive fail - delivering rapid response to keep your business continuity up to speed.


Capacity Threshold Monitoring is a feature offered exclusively by UKFast, allowing you to track every aspect of your dedicated server - from bandwidth consumption to disk utilisation and process performance. You can oversee the performance of your server, identify bottlenecks, check how services are responding, and monitor how efficiently your solutions are being utilised. 

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