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PROprotection Gives You More

PROprotection is the very latest in hosting innovation - a complete managed solution which guarantees ultimate online security and performance - unmatched by any other UK provider.

We know that in this age of cyber crime and viral threat the only responsible action is to protect our clients' online businesses. Through PROprotection, we've assembled a package that combines key technical advancements of our R&D team and industry leading brands, with the highest levels of service and support.

  • Intelligent Backup

    Critical data is backed up with ample spare storage capacity, and it is not held to strict limitations - so it's always available. In the event of a server failure you will suffer minimal, if any, data loss.

  • Managed Cisco ASA Firewall

    Our managed firewall operations deliver essential security for your business 24x7, 365 days a year. Cisco ASA protects you from the threat of hack attacks.

  • Server Maintenance and Patch Updates

    Our server maintenance and patch updates give you the peace of mind of knowing that your solution is constantly maintained in peak condition.

  • Proactive Uptime Monitoring

    We provide full-service server monitoring, covering all five of the following aspects of your server: FTP, PING, SMTP, HTTP and POP3 and giving you transparency in your online business.

  • safeDNS

    Created in-house by our R&D team, safeDNS allows you to host an unlimited number of branded domains, change MX, A-name and more.

  • McAfee Active-Virus Defence

    McAfee anti-virus server protection ensures you are protected against the most harmful viral strains, leaving you free to concentrate on your business.

  • Annual Security Audits

    Our lite security audit minimises the risk of downtime and prevents unauthorised access.

  • Dashboard and Alert Control Centre

    Manage your monitoring and email and SMS alerts via our online dashboard which gives you complete clarity in your solution. Plus you can sign up to keep your clients informed with SMS alerts too.

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