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    The following Service Terms apply only to the specific Services outlined on your Order Form.  In the event of a conflict between the Service Terms and the Conditions, the terms and conditions in these Service Terms shall prevail, but only to the extent of such conflict. Any capitalised terms used in this document shall have the meanings set out in the Agreement (save where expressly provided otherwise below) and any additional definitions outlined in relation to the relevant service.

    FastDesk benefits from the SLA below.

    1. Terms and Meaning

      In this Section the following words shall have the following meanings unless the context requires otherwise:-

      Term Meaning
      Customer Application Server All and any software and applications provided by the Customer for publishing on the Platform provided by the Company.
      Core Hours Has the meaning set out in Paragraph 4 (Support Hours).
      Emergency Hours Has the meaning set out in Paragraph 4 (Support Hours).
      Hardware Any physical hardware purchased by the Company to provide the Platform e.g. firewall, servers
      Helpdesk The facility to be provided by the Company in accordance with this Service Level Agreement to receive and respond to Support Requirements from the Customer.
      Incident Any failure of any part of the Platform to perform in accordance with its Intended Functionality; or any event or threat of an event that is not part of the standard operation of any part of the Platform and that causes, or may cause, an interruption to, or a reduction or adverse change in, the quality or functionality of any part of the Platform.
      Intended Functionality The full range of functionality the Platform is intended to provide as assessed by
      consideration of the  Order Form and the actual workings of the Platform.
      Parts Any replacement or new hardware or any other equipment or parts supplied by UKFast to
      the Customer in connection with the Support & Maintenance Services.
      Persistent Desktop All and any software and applications provided by the Customer for specific users for publishing on the Platform provided by the Company.
      Platform The hosted desktop services and the supported applications set out on the Order Form
      Response Times The timescales set out in Paragraph 7 (Service Level Timescales).
      Service Levels The service level standards set out in Paragraph 7.
      Software Incident Any Incident relating to software purchased by the Company and/or the Customer.
      Support & Maintenance Services The full support and maintenance services as set out in Paragraph 2 (Service Definitions) provided by the Company to the Customer (to the extent purchased by the Customer as part of its solution as detailed on the Order Form).
      Support Portal

      The MyUKFast portal to be made available by the Company to the Customer to enable personnel to view information and statistics maintained by the Company in relation to the Support & Maintenance Services and log, and review the progress of, Support Requirements.

      Support Requirement

       A request by the Customer to the Company for support; or an Incident notified to the Company by the Customer or identified by the Company or identified in a monitoring alert.

      Support Requirement Commencement

       The time when a Support Requirement is (as applicable):- notified to UKFast by the Customer via the telephone; or identified by the Company as a problem or by the Company’s automated monitoring systems.


       Individuals who use the Platform on behalf of the Customer.

    2. Service Definitions

      The Company shall provide Support & Maintenance Services for the Platform to ensure that all parts of it continue to function in all material respects in accordance with its Intended Functionality. The following describes the Support & Maintenance Services and these will apply to the extent purchased by the Customer as part of its solution as detailed on the Order Form:

      Service Definition
      Foundation services Provide functioning hardware required to run the Platform with the Intended Functionality and manage the physical hosting within a data centre with the following specification:
      Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC); N+1 generators; N+1 UPS; N+1 cooling system; Fire suppression system; Full building management system; Fully monitored CCTV security and access control system; Manage and maintain a fully redundant connection using Tier 1 bandwidth providers and/or UK peering exchanges.
      Operating system management UKFast will install and provide basic configuration and support of application software purchased through UKFast as part of your solution.
      UKFast will update Windows installations within 7 days of the release of critical patches working to an agreed process with the Customer.
      UKFast will update Linux installations (if any) upon Customer request working to an agreed process with the Customer.
      UKFast will update supported applications upon Customer request working to an agreed process with the Customer.
      Firewall management UKFast will install and maintain the configuration of a hardware firewall. Configuration requests will be completed within 8 core hours.
      There is no hard limit on the number of support requests, but excessive usage will be queried by the account manager and future changes may be chargeable. Daily requests for a period of greater than 10 days would constitute excessive usage.
      Backup management UKFast will perform a daily backup of the Platform and all specified data held on the Platform.
      UKFast will identify, correct, and re-run failed backup issues within 8 core hours with the exception of quota issues.
      UKFast will perform a data restore following Customer request for data that is lost or destroyed.
      Anti virus management UKFast will install and maintain anti-virus software as set out on the Order Form, which will update daily.
      Storage management UKFast will upgrade firmware upon vendor’s advice.
      UKFast will manage the storage network including the connected devices.
      Monitoring and alert management UKFast monitors uptime and undertakes CTM monitoring on an internal only basis. 
      Application Installation and Configuration UKFast will provide the initial installation and configuration of agreed foundation applications as set out on the Order Form.  UKFast will assist with the patching of agreed foundation applications upon Customer request.
      Citrix environment UKFast will provide guidance to help the Customer install the necessary Citrix software onto Users’ devices.   UKFast will use reasonable endeavours to provide support for the Citrix environment, where such environment is necessary for the operation of the FASTdesk Service
    3. Third Party Software

      Where a Customer has selected the option of a Customer Application Server or Persistent Desktop, the Company can provide support for the publishing of the application only. The Company can support the publishing of the applications where these are certified as Citrix ready applications.

      The Company does not support third party software applications that do not feature on its supported applications list set out in the Appendix or as part of the agreed Intended Functionality. The Company will work with the Customer during problem analysis to determine whether or not a technical issue is related to the third-party software.

      However, the Company will offer reasonable efforts to support the Customer and if the UKFast engineer is familiar with the software they may - at their discretion - offer help or advice. The Customer is responsible for accepting advice and any consequences for any unsupported applications.

      The terms of this Service Level Agreement do not include or apply to and/or guarantee the following:

      • any issues caused by third party software which the Customer asks the Company to install and which do not appear on the supported applications list; or
      • any Issues within any Customer code;
      • any issues caused by the Customer making changes to the Customer Application Server or Persistent Desktop.
    4. Support Hours

      In this Service Level Agreement time is categorised into the following periods:-

      Support Hours Period Period Covered
      Core Hours 09.00 am to 06.00 pm Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays in England
      Emergency Hours 06.01 pm to 08.59 am Monday to Friday including bank holidays in England
      06.01 pm Friday to 08.59 am Monday including bank holidays in England and all of Saturday and Sunday in England.
      Service Area Support Hours Period Provided Within
      Helpdesk Core Hours
      Services for Critical severity support Core Hours + Emergency Hours
      Services for High severity support Core Hours
      Services for Normal severity support Core Hours
      Monitoring Services Core Hours + Emergency Hours
      Agreed change managed process changes (48 hours’ notice
      Core Hours
    5. Self-help Website

      UKFast will use reasonable endeavours to maintain and make accessible to the Customer, a website containing guidance intended to enable the Customer to resolve problems in use and operation of the Platform and statistics for bandwidth usage, backups and support tickets.

    6. Helpdesk

      Provide a helpdesk (accessible by telephone, email and via the Support Portal) to provide technical support to authorised Customer personnel (as listed in the MyUKFast portal) using, maintaining, updating or amending the Platform (except for the Customer Application Server/Persistent Desktop).

      UKFast will take all reasonable commercial efforts to ensure the help desk is staffed at all times (24 hours a day, 365 days a year) by sufficient personnel. During Emergency Hours, support shall only be required to respond to Critical Severity Support Requirements and will provide reasonable efforts to service High Level and Normal Severity level Support Requirements.

      1. Helpdesk support includes:-
        1. Logging Support Requirements, obtaining any information required by the Company in order to resolve Support Requirements and keeping the Customer updated regarding the status of Support Requirements.
        2. Answering queries on the use and operation of the Platform.
        3. Guidance in operation of the Platform.
        4. Assistance in identifying and verifying the causes of suspected Incidents in the Platform.
        5. Advice on bypassing or correcting identified Incidents in the Platform.
      2. The Helpdesk will:-
        1. Use reasonable endeavours to answer all support calls within 3 rings;
        2. Answer over 90% telephone requests for support within 20 seconds.
      3. Helpdesk Contact Details:-
        Telephone 0800 230 0032
        Emergency Telephone 0800 230 0299
        Support Portal

      Additional contact details can be found in the online MyUKFast portal or via the Customer’s Account team.

    7. Service Level Timescales

      UKFast will reasonably endeavour to meet the following timescales for a Support Requirement:-

      Severity Level Description Solution Agreed
      Critical Entire Platform is unavailable aka ESCALATION - You must escalate the account 4 Core Hours
      High Operation of Platform is degraded for more than 4 hours time outs 8 Core Hours
      Normal Errors that are non-disabling or cosmetic and clearly have little to or impact on the normal operation of the services. e.g. Minor performance degradation, maintenance task Not applicable

    Network uptime guarantee:

    Network infrastructure will be available 100% of the time. Network availability means all infrastructure including routers, switches and cabling is working (when not undergoing scheduled maintenance).

    Unplanned Network Failure:

    In the event of unplanned network failure we will refund 24 hours service for every 60 minutes loss of connection, up to a maximum value equal to your monthly subscription charge, to be applied to your UKFast.Net account.

    In measuring Response Times:

    All Response Times are calculated from Support Requirement Commencement.

    All Response Times are only applicable to Support Requirements raised through a phone call from the Customer or an alert from the UKFast monitoring system. Solution Agreed only applies to Support Requirements where the root cause is part of UKFast’s responsibility. The Solution Agreed is satisfied when the Support Requirement is either resolved or a time frame and plan for full resolution has been communicated.

    The Customer is expected to provide UKFast with accurate and prompt notification of any problem and assist as UKFast may reasonably require to diagnose problems and implement any Solution Agreed.

    Microsoft Office 2016 Standard
    Google Chrome
    Adobe Acrobat/Reader
    Citrix ShareFile Drive Mapper
    Citrix Receiver
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