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    The following Service Terms apply only to the extent that the specific Services outlined below are included on your Order Form. In the event of a conflict between the Service Terms and the Conditions, the terms and conditions in these Service Terms shall prevail, but only to the extent of such conflict. Any capitalised terms used in this document shall have the meanings set out in the Conditions (save where expressly provided otherwise below) and any additional definitions outlined in relation to the relevant service.

    Continuous Optimisation Package for Magento


    "Audit" means an inspection of a server's software configuration to determine its degree of optimisation for Magento. This consists of an initial consultation telephone call to create a work schedule, PDF report with results and action points for the Company (system configuration) and the Customer (Magento and third-party software).

    "Optimisation" means the initial installation of server with essential managed software and configuration, optimised for best performance and security with Magento having regard to the nature of the Customer's Services. This includes Nginx (web service), PHP-FPM (PHP service), Percona (database service) and Redis (cache storage engine) with a bespoke configuration (software subject to change)

    Package description

    The package consists of:

    1. Magento-specific Optimisation applied to the Services under the Agreement or under an Existing PG (as defined below);
    2. 6 monthly Audits of the Customer's hardware and software configuration (as more particularly set out below);
    3. as soon as reasonably practicable following each Audit, written recommendations for improvement and consultancy from Magento certified solution specialists; and
    4. as soon as reasonably practicable when mutually agreed between the Customer and the Company, a follow up telephone call to discuss the recommendations at (c) above
    (together the "Package").

    Contact terms

    The Package may be added either (a) to a new Magento-optimised hosting contract at the time of purchase (the Agreement); or (b) an existing Magento-optimised hosting contract with the Company with at least 12 months remaining from the date on which the Package is made available to the Customer ("Existing PG").

    The Package will be applied to the Agreement until it is terminated and for a minimum term of 12 months from the date on which the Package is made available to the Customer.

    Redeeming services

    The features of the Package may be redeemed only against a single Magento installation and its servers as specified by the Customer under the Agreement or an Existing PG (as the case may be) and not multiple Magento installations.

    Magento Audits can be redeemed every 6 months from the date that the Package was ordered (each a "Redemption Date") and must be redeemed within 90 days of each Redemption Date.

    Audits must be scheduled at least 2 weeks in advance of the date requested by the Customer in writing and will be subject to technical engineer availability.

    The Customer is responsible for contacting the Company to schedule Audits; they will not be scheduled automatically.


    The Package can be removed from the Services under the Agreement or an Existing PG (as the case may be) after 12 months from the date on which the Package was made available to the Customer.

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