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Free Phishing Audit - Cloud Expo Europe

  • FASTcloudbackup™
  • Free Phishing Audit - Cloud Expo Europe
  • Phishing Trial for Cloud Expo Europe – Terms and Conditions

    OFFER:Free Phishing Campaign for every attendee who completes a form at Cloud Expo Europe 2019.

    This offer is strictly subject to availability and not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.

    Subject to applicable UKFast standard terms and conditions see:; and applicable product terms at


    In these terms and conditions of business the following words shall have the following meanings: Attendee: refers to the individual or which the individual represents who attended the Event Event: Cloud Expo Europe on either the 12th March 2019 or 13th March 2019 (as the case may be). Phishing Campaign: refers to UKFast’s Phishing as a Service (PHaaS) product and campaign for PHaaS provided on behalf of UKFast Users: refers to the recipient of the Phishing campaign launched by the Attendee.

    2. OFFER

    This offer allows the Attendee to access one (1) Phishing Campaign, with the option to send this campaign to up to twenty (20) users. The Attendee will be contacted from a member of the UKFast team after the Event has taken place to arrange when they would like to launch their campaign. Credits will be added for one campaign up to 20 users into MyUKFast and the Attendee is then able to set up and send a Phishing Campaign. Please read these terms & conditions carefully.

    1. All offers and promotions are subject to availability.
    2. This offer must be used on or before 13th March 2020.
    3. UKFast reserves the right to amend or withdraw any offer under this promotion without prior notice or reason at any time during the promotion period which shall end on 13th March 2020.
    4. This offer may not be re-sold or re-packaged and applies only to Cloud Expo Europe Attendees.
    5. Any costs, products or services not specifically included within the offer or promotion undertaken are excluded from the promotion or offer and therefore incur the standard costs as per the UKFast price list.
    6. Any additional terms agreed with UKFast must be detailed in writing in the UKFast Contract at the point of contracting the service(s).
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