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UKFast-hosted Naked Scientists go national

Article date: Sun, 05 Oct 2008 09:38 GMT

Naked scientist hard at work

BBC Radio 5 Live and The Open University have teamed up with Cambridge University's Naked Scientists to take their show to a national audience. "The Naked Scientists: Up All Night", featuring the now infamous Dr Chris Smith of the University of Cambridge, launched at the beginning of October.

The Naked Scientists have been broadcasting their blend of fun, informative, and factual science since 2003. However, within the UK the broadcasts were chiefly limited to the BBC's eastern region, although they were also available internationally as podcasts which are supported through a UKFast dedicated server hosting platform. This is the first time that the Naked Scientists is being broadcast nationally.

The team have been given a late night slot on BBC Radio 5 Live lasting 30 minutes from 1.30am every Monday morning. But don't think this time slot will deter avid fans, because the show is also available as a podcast which is already at the top of UK iTunes science podcast charts.

Dr Chris Smith said, "This is a scientist's dream - a national stage to translate the mysterious ways of the universe and have fun doing it. We think you'll find it quite addictive."

He recently won the prestigious Kohn Award for his work in bringing science to a wider audience. The Award is presented annually by the Royal Society for outstanding efforts to engage the public with science.

Previously, Dr Smith's Naked Scientists shows, according to figures from the BBC, have been amongst the most 'listened to again' shows on the radio stations that broadcast them across the east of England. His podcasts also top the science charts for downloads in the US as well as being within the top 20 science downloads on iTunes for most of the rest of the world.

The Naked Scientists are based at Cambridge University, funded by the Wellcome Trust and the EPSRC.

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