UKFast welcome new client Dollond & Aitchison

Article date: Mon, 16 May 2005 18:03 GMT

High profile new clients

UKFast is entering a period of ‘client focused' expansion. As Future Publishing's Best Business ISP and ISPA UK's Best Hosting Provider 2005 the decision to increase operations comes with industry encouragement.

But Managing Director Lawrence Jones is extremely careful when it comes to development.

Jones commissioned Harper James to ascertain the business sectors Internet concerns. The statistic that 35% of businesses with a particular large ISP are unhappy with the support their Website's receive is revealing. Most cite rapid growth of the ISP as the problem.

Comments such as ‘you never speak to the right person' and ‘no notes are kept on file,' suggest that the company no longer provides the personal service that first won clients.

UKFast have an advantage here says Jones. “We don't have shareholders to answer to. A rapidly advancing company churning out initial profits might please investors but it's not what clients look for. Our approach is paying off with High Street names such as Dollond & Aitchison and SKY Interactive joining us this month.”

Rob Halliday-Stein of Dollond & Aitchison needs partners he can rely on. "You don't know how good your Hosting company's customer support is until you really need it! We used one of the UK's largest ISP's but when the 24/7 emergency line let us down on a crucial bank holiday weekend we had to move. We demand a premier provider and UKFast's reputation is the major draw. I know already that we are a valued client and great service makes a long term relationship very desirable."

The message is clear. “Good customer care retains clients and with a third of people finding UKFast through recommendation, it's crucial,” recognises Jones. “Take BT for instance. They had the perfect platform to regain confidence through the birth of broadband and yet customers are moving away in their droves.”

But with 40% of businesses believing it would be a very unpleasant process to move their solutions they face a dilemma. Stay and accept a substandard service level or bite the bullet like Dollond & Aitchison and take control.

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