UKFast warning of e-fraud proves sound

Article date: Thu, 10 Mar 2005 17:40 GMT

UKFast Security

A recent survey by UKFast of e-commerce consumers revealed that 73% of users trust secure systems but many are concerned about the policing of the information at the other end.

On Tuesday this week the sentiment was highlighted when an employee at Manchester's other major ISP Zen Internet was arrested for allegedly misusing credit card details obtained from work.

It's understood that the suspect bought accounts for an online gaming service using stolen credit card details before reselling the gaming packages on eBay.

The man was arrested after Internet gamers - who had bought the accounts at a discounted price from him - discovered they had been bought originally using stolen credit card details.

In a statement Zen told online news resource The Register: "We can confirm that an incident has occurred. The matter is in the hands of the police and Zen is co-operating with their investigations."

UKFast's Head of Marketing Laura Blizard managed the research. "An appropriate analogy in our survey described secure payment systems as an armoured vehicle travelling between two cardboard boxes. It seems that the structure has been taken advantage of at Zen."

Lawrence Jones of UKFast is concerned about the backlash for Zen. "When something like this makes print, people automatically read it as gospel," says the Managing Director. "We have to realise that Zen's systems are not at fault here. Every batch can be infected by a rotten apple and Zen have simply been unlucky."

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