UKFast promotes people focus in technology

Article date: Mon, 28 Apr 2008 12:26 GMT

Team building on a UKFast outbound adventure weekend

Manchester-based ISP, UKFast, claims its people focused approach to technology is the reason for its plethora of best hosting titles.

Four-time winner of the ISPA award for their sector, the hosting provider has smashed industry records.

The business continues to promote the importance of hiring the right people for the job and places an emphasis on customer service.

Lawrence Jones, UKFast's managing director, founded the company because he was so appalled by the customer service offered by his own hosting provider.

“I wanted to prove that technology and people could mix,” said Jones. “And with our fourth ISPA award there can be no doubt we've succeeded.

“At UKFast we recruit based on personality as well as intelligence, to be certain to get the best, most suitable candidates. When you have a happy, well-gelled working environment everybody benefits. Employees are happy at work and clients profit from the smooth running of the company.”

Everybody at UKFast is diligently trained to grow their “soft skills” through team building excursions at the company's outbound adventure property in Snowdonia.

“Other companies may think that communication and team-work skills aren't as important as the product but at UKFast we know better,” Jones enthused. “It is our strong customer service ethos that has made us the best!”

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