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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

UKFast employs human faces for the Internet

Article date: Fri, 07 Apr 2006 13:43 GMT

Lawrence Jones focuses on customer care

Companies working on the ‘back end' of the Internet are often viewed as ‘faceless' not only by the general public, but their own clients. Lawrence Jones, managing director of ISP UKFast.Net believes this is because many lack a strong ‘human' emphasis, so he recruits staff with proven ability in the service sector.

“Often, all the attention is placed on what is provided and there's nothing left for how it is provided. When you sell a product that is not tangible you have to make it real in some way,” says Jones. “We do this by maximising the customer experience and it means we have a remarkable retention rate.

UKFast has retained more than just clients this year having recently won the ISPA's Best Hosting Provider award for the second year running. Their customer service was cited as “head and shoulders above the rest” and Jones sees this as the key to hosting.

“In over 6 years we've lost less than 6% of our clients and fifty percent of these return when they realise they can't get the same level of service elsewhere. We don't automate telephone systems, our engineers have intimate knowledge of the servers and we train all our staff to build lasting relationships.”

UKFast is currently expanding through the first of three graduate recruitment drives this year and is working closely with Pareto Law to find the brightest young professionals the North West can offer. Rather than searching for sales people to help build the company, Pareto Law are charged with finding account handlers who are interested in nurturing the client.

“The core skills our front line staff need are in customer care. We're not struggling to attract clients and by concentrating our skills on perfecting relations with them, we never struggle to keep them.”

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