UKFast demands North West addresses energy crisis

Article date: Tue, 29 Apr 2008 09:14 GMT

UKFast MD Lawrence Jones is concerned for Manchester's energy future

Internet hosting firm UKFast is championing the cause to highlight the energy problems facing North West business. The dedicated server provider is one of the fastest growing firms in the Manchester area but is also a major energy user and current power distribution inadequacies are jeopardizing both its and all local businesses' future growth.

Having won best hosting provider 4 years straight at the ISPAs, UKFast is riding the crest of a wave from its central Manchester location, enjoying sustained and impressive growth. However, adequate energy supply is crucial for its business and Manchester's outdated and uncompetitive power infrastructure is threatening to hamper future expansion.

Faced with this potential energy crunch, UKFast is already working hard to provide workable solutions for both itself and its clients. The hosting ace is committed to green initiatives at its sites, comprehensive recycling, replanting programmes and it has launched a range of low-energy servers called Ecoservers.

However, as a server hosting company, UKFast uses high levels of power and despite its green efforts the company is finding it increasingly difficult to find locations with sufficient energy supply to support its data centres. Company MD Lawrence Jones has stated that he may have no choice but to reject Manchester as a location for his next data centre because of its energy problems, instead opting for London which will redirect investment and job creation away from the North West.

This is not just a problem for UKFast or even the energy intensive IT industry. It is a problem for businesses across all sectors. Furthermore, it is not just a problem for North West of England. Recent reports suggest Northern Ireland is also suffering and in reality this is probably a UK wide issue. And that is why Lawrence Jones and UKFast are passionately championing the cause to raise, debate and resolve the energy problem.

Recent press suggest the efforts of companies like UKFast are starting to deliver results. International business media agency Crain's recently reported on the infrastructure problems that are blighting Manchester's growth, while national newspaper reports have highlighted the fear that the UK is under a decade away from an energy shortage. Prohibitive cost is also a key issue and a story from the Times newspaper in January this year unearthed concerns that the UK's 6 major energy suppliers may be colluding on price, effectively ripping off the consumers.

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