UKFast warns against server maintenance neglect

Article date: Fri, 24 Apr 2009 12:39 GMT

UKFast IT director, Neil Lathwood

The internet has seen a 200 per cent increase in cybercrime websites and there are now more malicious programs online than legitimate ones. Because of this, hosting provider UKFast has highlighted the importance of good technical maintenance for online businesses.

In the last week alone a botnet of nearly two million compromised computers has been discovered, further fuelling fears that have contributed to 66 per cent of consumers being concerned about the risk associated with online shopping.

UKFast is stepping up to offer the security businesses sorely need.

IT director, Neil Lathwood, said: "It is important to maintain the health of your solution to ensure its continued high performance and effective security. By neglecting to check and patch applications you open them up to hack attacks."

Microsoft's last Security Intelligence Report, released earlier this month, found that 90 per cent of serious vulnerabilities were found in third-party applications. Without proper maintenance and patching these can allow cyber criminals access to a network.

UKFast's latest maintenance package uses regression testing in order to ensure patches don't negatively affect hardware. By testing patches before placing them on live server environments UKFast eliminates potential problems such as system slowdowns or downtime. This ensures businesses benefit from optimum server performance and security at all times.

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