UKFast to launch the next big ecommerce star

Article date: Fri, 19 Jun 2009 17:01 GMT

UKFast's Jonathan Bowers UKFast, the UK's fastest hosting provider, is marking the launch of its revolutionary new SEO Server by embarking on a 12 month challenge to find the next big online business success - the UKFastTrack. The R&D technicians at UKFast have applied the company's expert understanding of hosting and the internet to develop a server solution that is powered to deliver ecommerce success. And now it will be put to the test. The key, as Google attests, is speed. Rapid loading websites deliver happy customers and high Google rankings, which added together equal a growing, profitable business. Google says that a 0.5 second delay in the page load speed of your website can reduce traffic by 20%. The UKFast SEO Server is designed to be a speed machine, delivering exactly what web companies need with no unnecessary extra weight. That is why we have dubbed it the 'race car' of servers. The UKFastTrack will showcase the immense potential of the SEO Server by selecting 10 promising new ecommerce projects and fully funding them for a year with use of a SEO Server and UKFast's award-winning support - worth around £15,000 each. "To succeed in business you need to get your brand first in the queue for your customers' attention. Speed is the most important factor to achieve this online," states UKFast MD Lawrence Jones. "That is why we have developed the super fast speed machines that are SEO Servers." "We have devised the UKFastTrack to showcase the amazing difference our SEO Server solutions make to online business while also giving 10 deserving business concepts the opportunity to flourish in difficult economic times. I eagerly look forward to the coming battle." The search for the 10 candidates starts on June 19th, when the 'race car' server is launched at the British Formula 1 Grand Prix. The 12 month SEO Server challenge will begin in earnest in September to mark UKFast's 10th anniversary. To find out more information and to take part in the UKFastTrack competition visit the website at or phone our team on 0800 458 4545.
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