UKFast saves businesses £1000 in the credit crunch

Article date: Mon, 15 Dec 2008 15:57 GMT

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Internet hosting provider, UKFast, is building a safer environment online with BASEfund. The award winning ISP has raised the bar for online security by subsidizing businesses to a credit crunch busting sum of £1000, delivering affordable protection for their hosting solutions.

Seventy percent of websites are at serious and immediate risk of being hacked and e-crime now equates to almost 10% of all crime against businesses. The vast majority of cyber attack can be avoided by better security at the server level.

UKFast's BASEFund is especially timely in a marketplace where costs are rising and organisations are looking to decrease spend in their IT budgets.

Managing director, Lawrence Jones, said: "The internet is a fantastic platform for competition in business but it is not a level playing field. Those who host on a secure and professional platform consistently springboard and see a much higher level of success.

"With the constant threat of hacking and phishing, every business should be protecting their online presence to the highest standard," said Jones. "Not every business can afford the top quality prevention, monitoring and backup necessary."

Every UK business can apply to BASEfund to benefit from enterprise level backup provisions, McAfee server protection, bandwidth insurance and monitoring, and scanning services completely free for their first twelve months.

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