UKFast marketing director loses it with scissors!

Article date: Fri, 25 Sep 2009 15:31 GMT

UKFast marketing director Paul Harris cutting old sponsor from Sharks shirt

Paul Harris, the passionate marketing guru of leading web hosting provider UKFast, lost it today when a colleague arrived for dress down Friday wearing the old Sale Sharks shirt! As you can see from the picture opposite, Paul didn't waste any time removing the offending section of Matthew's jersey. Paul's annoyance stems from the fact that Matthew's year old shirt sported previous main sponsor McAfee, while Paul's brand new top proudly displays UKFast as the current main sponsor of the Sale Sharks. Paul, who spends his every waking hour thinking about UKFast's brand awareness, therefore did what any self respecting marketing director would, he literally cut McAfee from the sorrowful team member's shirt. "I'm delighted that our people share our passion for the Sharks, but if they are going to have a replica shirt it must have "UKFast" on it or it won't be tolerated," Paul snarls. "Having our name on the Sale Shark's jersey is a major part of our expanded brand awareness, so I simply could not bear to see the old sponsor. It had to go." "We are a close-knit team here at UKFast and normally we don't like to see our people having their clothes cut to shreds. However, Matthew was a disgrace to come into our office wearing a McAfee sponsored Sharks top. He got what he deserved," UKFast MD Lawrence Jones firmly added. "Matthew is now grateful to Paul for teaching him an important lesson and now he is going straight out to buy the new season shirt!" UKFast has been a backer of the Sale Sharks for a decade and we are very proud to have taken on the mantle of main sponsors this year. In all seriousness, UKFast has a deep respect for previous main sponsor McAfee. They are a trusted business partner and were a fantastic supporter of the Sharks for many years.

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