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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

UKFast Headhunts IBM Superstar

Article date: Tue, 05 Oct 2010 11:06 GMT

UKFast Headhunts IBM Superstar

Hosting provider UKFast is definitely not 'keeping' quiet in Customer Service Week this year. In fact, the Manchester based company is looking to shout about its new raving fans philosophy.

The project is led by new senior recruit Ross Keeping who joins UKFast from a management position in the IBM superstar elite. As Head of Customer Service, Keeping is eager to stress that 'good is the enemy of great.'

Many businesses have a customer service department that deals with problems and looks to satisfy customer needs. Keeping agrees with UKFast MD Lawrence Jones that satisfied clients are simply not good enough. Great customer service is about raving fans.

"I'm thrilled to join UKFast as it continues on its explosive rise," comments Keeping. "I admire the history and values of the company that was born after the founders experienced poor service. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to join, knowing I can make a real difference with the intense energy and passion of the team behind me. UKFast has huge ambitions and now we are ready to create 'raving fans' and continue to improve on our award winning service."

Inspired by Timpson, adopting an upside down management approach means that UKFast places clients at the top of its priority list and those who deal with clients are the most important people in the business. Keeping, with his focus on exceptional service, has emerged as the perfect man to head up this challenge.

"With over 70 per cent of our team actively dealing with clients, Ross will have his hands full," says Jones. "His vast experience of both start-ups and corporate giants like IBM will help him to take our client relations to the next level."

Great service is no new concept to UKFast, having won the ISPA's Best Customer Service Award and the Best Hosting Award over a five year period. Keeping sees this as a springboard to continue improving and Customer Service Week has come at just the right time.

As well as holding its own company awards to recognize the Service Superstars within the business, UKFast is creating its own book of 'Service Worth Singing About,' and paying surprise visits to clients offices with gifts and educational reports to help them to grow their businesses.

Keeping has a few other tricks up his sleeve too. "We are measuring our service, we are passionate about great service and we are committed to taking action to continually improve our service. With these three key ingredients it's going to be one fantastic ride."

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