UKFast feels the force

Article date: Fri, 01 Apr 2016 07:30 GMT

UKFast's latest recruit.

UKFast today announces the signature of a new Director of Fun Enforcement, further boosting the firm’s exceptional reputation for employee engagement and wellbeing.

New hire Darth Vadar joins the innovative Manchester tech brand from Shoreditch digital marketing agency The Dark Side, boasting decades of know-how in physical encouragement, holistic psychological motivation and mind-control.

UKFast CEO Lawrence Jones has long been an advocate of unconventional employee engagement and expects Vadar to bring a host of new techniques to boost productivity at the firm.

Jones said: “We believe that an effective working environment is one where employees are friends rather than just colleagues. The UKFast team has fun, they’re energised, and that means they give a better level of service to our customers.

“The addition of Darth gives us an incredible opportunity to take this to the next level. At first we weren’t sure whether he would be the right fit, culturally, but after spending some time with him face-to-face he convinced everyone that he’s the right man for the job, and also that he should become our highest earner.

Jones owns a luxury hotel - Le Farinet - in Verbier, Switzerland, where staff enjoy all-expenses-paid ski trips and team building.

Jones said: “We were spending so much on taking the team out skiing that it ended up making financial sense to invest in a hotel. Darth’s previous experience on Hoth was a real selling point for us in this respect. He has all the credentials in snowy environments and we expect him to make a big difference at Le Farinet.

“We also expect he will have a real impact with our apprentices and in our training centre, where everyone in the business is given the opportunity to develop.”

Vadar was hesitant to reveal his exact plans but did have a chilling message for anyone expecting him to adopt a more positive outlook in his new role.

He said: “UKFast don’t know the power of the dark side of the force. They think that focussing on fun, positive energy and people development is the way to realise their ambition of galactic domination, but I’m here to show them that fear, hate and suffering are the only way they can achieve their aims.”

Vadar is the latest in a string of high-profile hires for UKFast as the company looks to grow its capabilities across the outer-rim territories.

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