UKFast Backs Social Media For Economic Recovery

Article date: Fri, 18 Jun 2010 11:32 GMT

UKFast's Jonathan Bowers

As UK businesses utilise the web to recover from the recent economic downturn, industry professionals must find new and exciting ways to target consumers online.

Speaking to Network Northwest at the Renaissance Hotel on June 9th, UKFast's Jonathan Bowers delivered a talk on how to "Use Social Media For Business".

As communications director at UKFast, he applied his insider knowledge of online business to encourage delegates to use social media, in order to successfully expand their companies.

The talk dealt with the potential for business growth through an online presence, with a particular focus upon the unique opportunity presented by social media.

"The internet has grown exponentially in recent years and yet very few businesses utilise the full variety of opportunities which it offers," he said.

"Social media is invaluable to almost all companies. It provides a unique opportunity to create a community of customers and speak directly to them about your products and services."

The seminar covers all areas of new social media, highlighting the advantages of not only Facebook and Twitter, but also the power of blogging, Podcasts, videocasting and even Wikipedia.

Jeni Beattie, the founder of Accolade Media training and organiser of Wednesday's event, said she was thrilled with the talk from UKFast. She commented, "Good speakers really lift a networking event. Jonathan provided an interesting topic and naturally maximised networking and business prospects."

Beattie said that talks such as this are invaluable to professionals for building links with local companies and gaining important industry insights.

She added, "In the early days of the internet, I attended a similar event which inspired me to register my business name as a domain. This has obviously benefitted my company enormously and I now feel equally as enthusiastic about the opportunities offered by social media."

UKFast is ideally placed to inform and advise on the role of the internet in growing UK businesses. With thousands of UK businesses on its network, the hosting provider has a unique insight into how pioneering companies are using the web to drive revenue.

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