UK Businesses will fall behind Online

Article date: Fri, 13 May 2005 13:01 GMT

Lawrence Jones warns of complacencyCommunications Agency Harper James believes the majority of UK SME's have acquired their own Websites but don't know what they are paying for or how to maximise them. Researchers questioned employees responsible for IT solutions across multiple sectors and the results are startling. Almost one fifth of businesses are unaware what type of Hosting they receive. Furthermore 39% of respondents do not know how much ‘space' they get for their money and a staggering 64% were befuddled by the mention of bandwidth. The news becomes more alarming taking into account company dependence on the Internet. A third of people questioned rely upon the Web for half of their sales yet 76% admit that their site has been ‘offline' up to 5 times in the last year. The vast majority of businesses agree that the Internet is now a more valuable communication tool than post or fax. It is therefore astonishing that cheap prices come way above reliability on priority lists when choosing a supplier. Industry heads believe it's time companies took their online options more seriously. Lawrence Jones, Managing Director of UKFast wants to empower his clients. “As Manchester's top provider of dedicated server solutions, we aim to make a Rolls Royce service available to all,” enthuses Jones. “Our latest campaign ‘Power Within your Grasp' aims to allow businesses real hands-on responsibility to wring maximum profits out of the Web.” Jones believes the statistics are a wake up call. “As UKFast concentrates more on non IT sector companies we're adapting our model to cater for those yet to realise their online options. Companies must speculate to accumulate or Internet trade in the UK will fall way behind America and the rest of Europe.” For more information contact Jonathan Bowers
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