UK IT companies must support 'greenest government ever'

Article date: Thu, 10 Jun 2010 11:19 GMT

UKFast unveils its new data centre, MaNOC3

A clarion call has been issued to UK businesses to raise their standards of sustainable IT.

With David Cameron promising to lead 'the greenest government ever' and cut carbon emissions across central government by ten per cent over the next year, Lawrence Jones, MD of hosting provider UKFast, is urging IT companies to follow suit.

Threatening to overtake the airline industry within the next decade, the IT industry already accounts for two per cent of manmade CO2 emissions as reported in last year's Smart2020 report.

Lawrence Jones says, "IT companies must recognise that the problem of energy usage and carbon emissions isn't going away. As consumers demand more from the internet in terms of speed this will inevitably lead to more challenges for data centres."

Revealing his own plans to improve UKFast's environmental impact, Jones has unveiled a new £4million data centre which will reduce running costs by a third. Designed with maximising the amount of active cooling in mind, MaNOC3 is equipped with free cooling air conditioner units that will take advantage of the outside Manchester climate to ventilate up to 12,000 servers.

Jones adds, "We hope that adopting free cooling air conditioning will eliminate electricity usage for large parts of the year. By running everything in a collective environment we are significantly more efficient than smaller businesses. Through more intelligent cooling and power-saving techniques, we can significantly reduce our costs and environmental impact.

"While the new government must support consumers and businesses to adopt more sustainable practices, IT companies must ultimately take the onus upon themselves and realise that environmental and cost benefits can work hand in hand."

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