The Internet is a personal business

Article date: Thu, 07 Jul 2005 17:04 GMT

Lawrence Jones - offering the human touch in a virtual world

The Internet, the world's youngest and fastest growing Industry, is a melting pot of different sectors and business practices. Lawrence Jones, of UKFast.Net believes that ISP's struggle to deal with such a variety of clients.

UKFast has recognised a trend in companies migrating from providers due to poor customer service. Further analysis reveals an inability to bring a personal touch to the virtual environment. As ISPA's Best Hosting Provider 2005 UKFast's business model has begun to set itself apart from the competition.

“ISP's do not supply a tangible product,” explains Jones. “So it's crucial to impress the ‘personality' of your services. It's great to offer clients technical solutions but it's just as important to plant the seeds of a partnership.”

Jones stands tall in an IT minority that still believe in meeting customers face to face. “We encourage businesses to come up and see us. We show them how we look after their equipment and coincide it with a Rugby Match or Cricket Test to get to know them properly. Hosting servers takes collaboration. Our clients are given a good deal of control. We need to trust them as much as they trust us.”

Clients including Dollond & Aitchison have noticed the difference. Rob Halliday-Stein, IT Manager for the firm migrated to UKFast when he needed a partner to resource the company's branches. "We demand a premier provider and UKFast's reputation for customer service is a major draw. Within a month we felt like a valued client. The great service makes a long term relationship very desirable."

Now that every industry has recognised the importance of an Internet presence the IT facilitators needs to think about the best ways to cater universally. Jones cites ‘people skills' as the key. “The industry may be hosted by machines, but it's people that drive the Internet and too many people lose sight of this.”

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