Technology Super Brands Choose UKFast's CloudHosts

Article date: Tue, 09 Feb 2010 18:00 GMT

UKFast's CloudHostsDeveloped in conjunction with Microsoft's R & D team using the latest virtualisation software, CloudHosts has welcomed big name brands Intel and Microsoft itself on to the platform less than six months from launch. Introducing the next generation of hosting, UKFast's Cloud technology has enjoyed tremendous growth ahead of schedule since its inception last September. Neil Lathwood, UKFast's IT Director, says, "CloudHosts offers a unique hosting platform, which allows the user to have all the hosting power and storage they'll ever need but only pay for what they actually use. By pooling technology within the cloud, users can leverage a complete range of hardware and services, quickly and at an affordable price, tailoring it to their needs as their business evolves. "CloudHosts has therefore become immensely popular among businesses looking for low cost, scalable web hosting solutions. Following on from this collaboration, it has also led Microsoft to confidently recommended CloudHosts in-house." With cyber crime and malware attacks expected to rise in 2010, CloudHosts growth has also been accelerated by providing access to replication and back up critical applications that achieve business continuity. For more information on CloudHosts call 0800 542 2703 or visit
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