Service-Savvy Support Engineers Reap Handsome Rewards

Article date: Mon, 07 Jul 2014 11:20 GMT

week long trip to Las Vegas

A technology entrepreneur's vow to reward outstanding customer service with outlandish prizes has seen 12 technical support engineers from Manchester enjoy an all-expenses-paid week long trip to Las Vegas, as the company's customer service stats reach record levels.

CEO of hosting firm UKFast, Lawrence Jones, set his 80-strong team of support staff a challenge in 2013 that allowed engineers to earn points by delivering exceptional customer service to the company's 5,000 clients.

Incentivised to deliver 'first-fix' solutions to technical queries, swift responses to client requests and receive positive feedback from clients; support engineers were ranked on a weekly basis in a 'Tech 10' with those who appeared in it most over 12 months rewarded with a surprise trip to Las Vegas in May.

Jones also included 'wildcard' employees in the Vegas cohort, chosen for their commitment to the customer and 'going above and beyond' to meet client needs.

First class flights, limo transfers, accommodation in the Bellagio hotel and a large budget for food, drinks and entertainment were provided by UKFast for the support team's top performers.

The 'Tech 10' challenge saw the hosting and colocation company's customer service statistics improve on already impressive numbers. Today the firm's Net Promoter Score (NPS) - a metric used across all industries to measure customer satisfaction - stands at 73, approximately 10 times the UK industry average.

Lawrence Jones said: "When I announced the Tech 10 last year I told the team that the prize they were working towards would be huge, but I don't think they realised just how far we'd go to reward them.

"I've no doubt lots of people outside of UKFast would say I'm mad to put that much money into a Vegas trip. In my opinion, you can't put a value on having a team that is so passionate about keeping customers happy.

"If their customer service was half as good they would still deserve a prize but, in true UKFast style, they smashed it. Hearing customers talk so highly of my team is one of the best things about doing what I do. A Vegas trip to allow them to party, relax, bond as a team and reenergise is the least I could do."

The results of the company's first Tech 10 challenge have been analysed and a new competition set up to further improve the company's offering. Monthly and quarterly prizes will be announced throughout the year, with the ultimate reward to be announced at Christmas.

Jones said: "The first Vegas trip gives us a lot to live up to but that's the way we do things here. We've set the bar high but we'll raise it - I owe it to the team."

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