Security heavyweight joins hosting firm

Article date: Wed, 18 Mar 2015 14:55 GMT

Andy Hague joins UKFast

Security heavyweight Andy Hague is to join cloud and colocation firm UKFast, heading up its security division, Secarma.

Having led his security testing division at rival security firm NCC to revenue growth of more than 550% in his three years at the helm, Hague joins the security spinoff amidst large growth plans.

Hague said: "Heading up the Secarma team is the start of an exciting new journey for me. Cybersecurity is at an all-time high on the business agenda in board rooms across the globe and it's our responsibility to help protect our clients. There is some extraordinary technical capabilities currently within UKFast servicing the client base already and I am keen to grow this talent pool significantly.

"Keeping ahead of the ever-evolving threat landscape is no easy task but I am confident that with the skills we have here at Secarma, combined with my experience we are fantastically placed to tackle the job."

The FCA-approved director joins Secarma as managing director, bringing more than 15 years' experience in senior management to the growing business.

Lawrence Jones, CEO of UKFast said: "I have known Andy for some time and he won the same award at the EY entrepreneur ceremony some years earlier so I am confident he will fit in to this fast paced environment.

"We have grown the online security arm internally but I don't have the expertise or spare capacity to tackle such a mammoth opportunity, so I am tremendously proud to get him on board.

"When we first started UKFast more than 15 years ago, we needed to convince people that the internet was the way forward for business. Whilst we certainly no longer need to do that, we do need to help people understand the importance of securing their online infrastructures.

"Despite high-profile security threats hitting the news on a weekly basis, there are still some of the UK's biggest ecommerce brands who don't even have a firewall in front of their solution," continued Jones. "Andy is joining the team to help us to ensure that security becomes second nature just as car insurance is a given. Sadly it's often not until someone experiences an attack of some sort they consider the importance of protecting their data.

"It's an exciting time to be do business online and with Andy on board, Secarma is set to grow from strength to strength ensuring that the UK's digital economy is protected."

Jones set up Secarma in 2012 in response to phenomenal demand from the UKFast client base for an increasing level of security and assurance within their infrastructure and applications.

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