Sarah Beeny says ‘first impressions count'

Article date: Tue, 20 Dec 2005 11:01 GMT

Sarah is matchmaking this ChristmasProperty expert Sarah Beeny is ecstatic with the success of her dating website After a campaign of interviews across all media the site has encouraged over 11,500 members in its two months since launch.   In fact it's so successful that Beeny has already had reports of 7 happy couples, even heard whispers of the first MSF wedding! The sites statistics show there's more to celebrate too. Radio publicity encourages 30% more sign ups than TV. UKFast.Net, the ISP hosting Mysinglefriend, is analysing the figures which show that TV appearances flood the site with traffic, but bring limited sign ups, as opposed to radio, which result in less traffic, but more members. However, the single most successful interview was for BBC One Breakfast, which preceded a massive 450% hike in completed registrations. “I really enjoy the TV and radio interviews and they have an incredible impact,” reveals Beeny. “They inspire immediate action and if your site can't live up to it, people won't hang around. First impressions count for the site itself as well as our gorgeous singles. Luckily, we – and UKFast - have been ready.” To build a picture of how millions of hits have been generated, UKFast cross reference a sophisticated tracking system with publicity dates and membership numbers. Lawrence Jones MD of the ISP studied the figures. “While it's true that radio tops TV on active impact, television websites provide far better coverage on companion websites that supply a steady stream of traffic long after the publicity.” It's Internet publicity that will be responsible for the lasting growth of the site. Google is the top search engine referrer, while blogging and email are playing their part, which pleases Beeny. “It's the personal recommendations that introduce the visitors most likely to sign up building our network of fabulous singles.” As a client, has been tricky to predict admits Jones. “Because of Sarah's profile and the nature of the site, we have armed it with a major amount of resources. We couldn't let anything get in the way of true love could we – especially at Christmas!”
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