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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Reducing the environmental cost of the Internet

Article date: Fri, 04 May 2007 14:48 GMT

Lawrence Jones, MD of UKFastHigh demand for environmentally friendly products is encouraging energy intensive industries to discover ways to reduce their carbon footprint. The new internet boom has created energy hungry data centres and hosting provider UKFast has launched a new product that uses as little energy as possible to deliver the same level of service. Ecoservers is aimed at the business community and has been developed by the UK's best hosting provider UKFast. The servers are built from the most efficient hardware possible. Managing director Lawrence Jones believes they can solve the power problem in the short term, while the Manchester based company works on building more environmentally friendly data centres from the ground up. “We've worked hard to marry the most efficient components into a single unit,” says Jones. “Dual Core technology combines two independent processors to make them 40% more efficient than traditional chipsets. They are also very heat efficient and the Ecoserver casing is designed to distribute the heat more successfully reducing air conditioning power.” “We are set a tough challenge,” he says. “Businesses want it ‘green' but still have strict requirements regarding uptime.” Ecoservers achieves this with the most eco-friendly unlimited power supply (UPS) available, running at 91% efficiency. The energy saved is equivalent to switching off fourteen 3KW electric fires that are running 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Ecoservers has extended this policy into the administrative side of the business. The paperless invoicing system uses email correspondence to reduce, if not eliminate, the issue of wasted paper and all data is stored and backed up online. Any packaging used for hardware is recycled by Evolve ensuring that nothing goes to waste. The brand is part of UKFast's Project32, which addresses the needs of businesses and the UK's digital future. The project has already had a great response with environmentally switched on companies like Sainsbury's showing an interest in finding the most energy efficient methods of hosting their many websites. For more information contact Jonathan Bowers (0870 421 1585)
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