Property Find International rebuild for success

Article date: Mon, 03 Jul 2006 17:12 GMT

Bulgaria is an investment hotspotOnline spend is expected to reach £26bn in the UK this year. An increase of 36% is encouraging Britain's higher end spenders into the arena. North West entrepreneur Andy Biggar is taking advantage of this trend to further improve the investments abroad sector online. Biggar's firm Property Find International is teaming up with UKFast.Net to target top end consumers, who are not afraid to make large purchases online when faced with the right investment. He has recognised the shift in buying trends as e-commerce has grown in popularity. “Less than a year ago, property investors were using the web as an information point only and location visits were the driver for sales,” explains Biggar. “However, with the land boom in areas like Bulgaria and trust in the Internet growing, serious investors are now securing land and houses quickly through the Internet.” Lawrence Jones, managing director of UKFast says that the delivery of such a site is crucial. “Today, most investors are not emotionally attached, so the process has become more businesslike. This bold new way to market the investment sector is all about helping buyers to feel comfortable paying vast sums on the Internet. Historically, foreign purchases have been emotionally charged investments but the tide has turned and more people are buying abroad in lieu of a reliable pension fund or nest egg. targets this growing audience on the Web and will deliver an experience that gives investors confidence to make a purchase without visiting the country. “UKFast is developing an entire campaign to drive the right market to the site and deliver investment potential once there,” says Biggar. “The site's virtual tours will be crucial, as will a selection of satellite sites built as resources drawing more traffic to the main hub at” For more information on this and other UKFast stories contact Jonathan Bowers 0870 421 1585
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