New Service Helps Retailers Avoid Disaster at Peak Times

Article date: Mon, 02 Dec 2019 00:01 GMT

UKFast Load Testing

Manchester technology firm UKFast is launching a new Load Testing service to help businesses avoid damaging website failures during periods of peak traffic.

It’s the ticket seller or online retailer’s worst nightmare: the marketing campaign has gone well, customers are ready to buy, the sale launches and then, suddenly, the website crashes or slows to a standstill under the strain of increased traffic.

UKFast’s new service gives businesses the opportunity to test their web infrastructure and optimise performance ahead of sales events like Boxing Day sales, advertising campaigns or event ticket launches.

Recent high-profile failures include cinema websites crashing on the release of Avengers: Endgame tickets and See Tickets’ going offline during a Take That pre-sale.

UKFast CTO Neil Lathwood said: “You can build a beautiful website and have the perfect marketing campaign for your event or sale, but none of that matters if customers can’t get onto your site, or pages take a long time to load.

“At that point all of your business’ hard work and investment is wasted and customers take to Twitter to complain, damaging your reputation.

“Testing your infrastructure ahead of key business events makes perfect sense, and then there’s the option to speak to a team of specialists to optimise your performance, if needed.”

Web development agency Quinn Creative used UKFast’s Load Testing solution to test a client website ahead of a national media campaign.

Calum Quinn, Founder of Quinn Creative, said: “We were being featured in a national newspaper supplement and wanted to make sure we had the infrastructure and resource to deal with a potential surge of web traffic.

“Having not done anything like this before, the Load Testing service provided by UKFast helped us prepare for every eventuality and ensure that our marketing efforts didn’t fall at the most critical time.

“The service was simple to use and offered various traffic simulation options to ensure we were covered in the event of a sudden influx as well as a steady increase of traffic. We discussed the results with the team at UKFast who provided us with pointers on where we could improve to ensure the best possible performance and ultimately provide peace of mind for the remainder of the campaign.”

Users can test a limited amount of traffic on their website as part of a free trial of the service.

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