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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Mega spam wave hits North West businesses

Article date: Mon, 06 Dec 2004 00:00 GMT

Manchester-based Internet Service Provider UKFast today had to handle well over a quarter of a million spam e-mails. Publishing company McMillan-Scott's was unable to stop the unprecedented mega spam flow into 22,500 inboxes of North West businesses, blocking e-mail accounts for days to come.

The spam mails originated from North West Chambers of Commerce and distributed by publishing company McMillan-Scott. Hundreds of thousands of inboxes of Chamber Members are affected as e-mails are being re-sent again and again.

Joel Rush, Managing Director of web design agency As One says: “My inbox alone received over 4,000 e-mails to day and as a consequence, we had to stop incoming mail for the rest of the day until the servers are back on track. The worst thing is that we have 150 potentially affected clients with around 10 e-mail accounts each. The scope is absolutely enormous and for the next two days we will be busy taking care of our clients.”

Lawrence Jones, Managing Director of Internet Service Provider UKFast says: “We have been on the phone since 8.30 this morning because our clients were unable to receive or send e-mails. Our solution is to set customers up with spam tagging to prevent e-mail queuing up and blocking inboxes. The North West Chambers had the spam mails distributed without consensus of members to receive third party e-mails. I am sure, it will greatly affect productivity of the businesses hit by the spam wave. McMillan-Scott has apologized for this mistake and UKFast offered to handle their e-mail distribution from now on.”

Nick Mann, Managing Director of Manro Management Consulting explains: “Initially, I received around 5,000 e-mails and had to get rid off my entire inbox content. Consequently, I deleted important e-mails of my clients and am now falling behind on my deadlines.”

UKFast IT support solved the problem by setting up Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail distribution software for its clients. Any e-mails originating from the North West Chambers of Commerce are filtered into the junk box to prevent further loss of important information.

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