Level Purple Speeds Up To Achieve 400 Per Cent Growth

Article date: Mon, 01 Mar 2010 16:01 GMT

Lawrence Jones, MD of UKFastAmusing horoscopes and satirical articles are proving to be a real money maker as laughsend.net experiences huge growth in 2010. Owners Level Purple have seen visitor numbers rise from 5,000 per month in October 2009 to 25,000 in February as bounce rates have decreased with visitors preferring to stick around. As a result of an increase in visitor dwell time, revenue from online advertising has also risen by nearly 300 per cent. Paul Lowton, MD of Level Purple, says, "We're now experiencing increased numbers of pages per visitor and a much lower bounce rate, both of which, in our opinion, are down to the new speed increases we've seen with our website. "It's amazing that one simple change has resulted in 400 per cent growth for the online business." Lowton's experience ties in with Google's new focus on speeding up the web. As speed becomes a vital element of search engine optimisation for 2010, faster websites are being rewarded by search engines with more traffic, better Quality Scores and lower costs per click. Lawrence Jones, managing director of internet hosting provider UKFast, says, "With Google's priorities changing in 2010 and Chrome and Caffeine highlighting the importance of speed, faster websites are proving to be a rankings winner. "From our privileged position at the forefront of the industry, we have been able to identify this opportunity and encourage huge online business growth on our network."
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