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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Investing in People is the Internet's future

Article date: Mon, 05 Mar 2007 17:09 GMT

The UKFast team celebrates with a weekend in Snowdonia

Manchester based UKFast has gained accolades in two areas this year proving that companies at the top of their game have to nurture vibrant workforces. In February, UKFast won recognition as the Internet's Best Business Host, by beating the competition at the ISPA Awards. Just two weeks later, UKFast also received its Investors in People accreditation. The internet service provider has won the UK's hosting award for the last three years, a feat that has never been achieved before. An ISPA spokesperson said, “UKFast can cater for the hosting requirements of any business. The company provides good security and tech support with a solid awareness of the applications necessary to run a successful business.” Lawrence Jones, UKFast's managing director believes success is down to the mix of staff he and his wife Gail Jones have employed over the years. “There are certain qualities that just can't be taught,” says Jones. “We've developed a great training programme but the right levels of enthusiasm, energy and commitment are crucial from the start. I'm really proud of the team for proving themselves.” The company was informed of its success with Investors in People at the end of February. IIP assessor Bill Carr spoke to about 60 per cent of the staff. “Lawrence and Gail have built up a very loyal, committed and well motivated workforce,” said Carr. He was also struck by a company that “celebrates success exceptionally with its team.” The team celebrates in a whole range of ways, from cash prizes for outstanding employees to monthly outings and annual events, which include a Snowdon climb and the UKFast Grand Prix. “It's as important for the team to see the boss sweating his way up a mountain with a rucksack on his back as it is to see him behind his desk in the office,” says Jones. “Having a motivated workforce has never been more important for us,” he adds. “We are about to move into new premises on the top floor of Manchester's City Tower and begin a recruitment drive that will increase the size of the team by over 50 per cent. New employees need to hit the ground running in an environment that encourages creative thinking and promotes professionalism.” For more information or to arrange and Interview with Lawrence or Gail Jones, please contact Jonathan Bowers (0870 421 1585)

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