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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Internet Goliaths face technological slingshots

Article date: Mon, 19 Jun 2006 16:31 GMT

Lawrence Jones at MANOC IIThe beauty of the Web is that your business can appear as big or small as you like. And results from The UK's ‘Best Hosting Provider' UKFast, indicate that SMEs are building online futures on a grand scale, placing them in a position to challenge the large corporations for the online revenue. “To compete online you must be willing to front up against the Net's Goliaths,” says UKFast's managing director Lawrence Jones. “The Davids of the online world are now arming themselves with technological slingshots that give them the presence they need for Internet success.” UKFast hosts websites for many corporate giants including Sainsbury's and Dollond & Aitchison and trends during the second quarter of 2006 suggest that small and medium enterprises are beginning to invest in similar online infrastructures to the retail giants. The news follows a 125% increase in sales of fully load balanced solutions to SMEs over May and June this year. Load balanced solutions incorporate two or more web servers dedicated to a single company, allowing more speed, power and reliability than competitors with less robust systems. Figures from the government's national statistics office show that 2% of the UK's businesses are making over 75% of the online revenue. Until now the elite has consisted of large corporations. Now, Jones believes they have to make space for the serious Internet entrepreneurs. “Every business is realising that the Net offers a tremendous return on investment and bolstering back end solutions brings serious cash rewards.” UKFast is looking to encourage more SMEs to take on the challenge with a massive summer promotion this year. Until September 2006 if you sign for a load balanced hosting solution, you pay for the two servers and UKFast will include the load balancing hardware at no extra charge. For more details go to For more information on UKFast Communications please contact Jonathan Bowers (0870 421 1585)
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