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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Internet entrepreneur brings property to life online

Article date: Mon, 08 Jan 2007 10:51 GMT

Lawrence Jones takes stake in overseas property firmLawrence Jones, managing director of Manchester based UKFast first took charge of Property Find International's Internet presence 6 months ago. Since then, sales have increased by 1000 per cent. Jones is now taking a forty five per cent share in the company which offers investment opportunities in Bulgaria, Spain, Thailand and the Caribbean. “Two factors influenced my decision to buy in now,” says Jones. “One is the team's experienced working model, for which there is no comparison and the other is demand. Recent research shows that 50 per cent of UK property owners are considering investing abroad.” Jones made his name with UKFast, the UK's ‘Best Internet host'. Since founding it seven years ago he has influenced the fortunes of thousands of online businesses including One Advice Group (then Harrington Brooks) and The Sale Sharks Premiership Rugby Club. Andy Biggar, managing director of Property Find is thrilled with Jones' further involvement. “We've established there's a huge market out there and UKFast's online skills are not only encouraging the traffic, but converting to clients. 15 per cent of visitors are spending between 30 minutes and one hour on our sites and the volume of subsequent sales shows it's really working.” Nigel Leck, BBC property expert and presenter of ‘Uncharted Territory' is also getting involved in the business. “It is a relief to find a company in the UK that approaches overseas property purchase in such a simple, straightforward and comprehensive way. There is no pressure selling, just accurate and concise information.” “For many, the foreign property market is equivalent to a high rate savings account” says Biggar. “But the return on investment in countries like Bulgaria and Margarita is one that you simply won't get from any UK bank.” For more information please contact Jonathan Bowers. 0870 421 1585
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