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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Internet surfers can't get no satisfaction

Article date: Tue, 27 Jul 2010 10:09 GMT

UKFast is helping to build online Britain through its Growth Through Innovation schemeSince late 2009, UKFast has been on a dedicated operation to tap into the great masterminds of digital commerce through a series of round table discussions. The aim of uniting business leaders to share advice is successfully provide a wealth of ideas for other fledgling companies. With a 45 per cent growth in online sales over the past two years (IMRG) it all appears to be going swimmingly in the world of web. But alas, this is just not the case considering that somehow, somewhere, 90 per cent of online businesses can't quite keep it up, while the UK's PLCs are milk floating their way to being 27 per cent slower on average than US competitors. The UK's economy is in desperate need for innovation, in order to re-build and become competitive again in a global market. With the internet dominating, what's with all the slow coaches at the back? UKFast isn't the kind of company to sit back, relax and watch our country surrender to the big guns over in the U.S. This is why we're confronting what's going wrong and helping to build a stronger Online Britain. The launch of the Building Online Britain GTI scheme (Growth Through Innovation) sees UKFast & co, collaborate their industry knowledge and skills with pioneering people in order to invest, not only time, but a web-a-gasting £1 million to help online businesses. UKFast aims to give businesses the experience and understanding to make sure that embarrassing online incompetence doesn't get in the way of the action they deserve. To drive Britain forward, UKFast wants to empower businesses to succeed with confidence online and pass on as much information as any budding entrepreneur can muster. Which is precisely why it has created a series of online resources to educate SMBs and get them on top of their game. 2010 has seen many figure heads stick their fingers in this kind of pie, with others encouraging online campaigns such as Google's GBBO and Martha Lane Fox's - Race Online 2012, both with the intention of kick starting Britain's online presence, however neither focuses on developing competitive online businesses. UKFast is screaming out about the need for speed, something that Google is also championing. It's all happy as Larry having a website but if it's being hosted in Germany for example, you can say Auf Wiedersehen to anyone finding you in the search engines. Websites hosted outside the uk are not favoured by Google, when it comes to the listings. UKFast's research confirms that if you are hosted in the UK and on a fast network your business will appear higher in search rankings. Hosting outside the UK puts you lower on search results and therefore... Adios sales, asta lavista to satisfying the ruthless, impatient web surfers. 41million people in the UK are using the internet, yet so many online businesses are falling at the wayside. There is huge demand from internet surfers, but not enough wind beneath their wings. Paul Harris, marketing director at UKFast, believes that satisfaction is not matching the demand. "Online presence should be significant to people, whether it's an e-commerce site or lead generation. We know what impact downtime caused by bad hosting can have on people, especially when it's their livelihood. So we need to educate and navigate businesses so these catastrophic mistakes don't leave consumers unsatisfied. There are a dozen other companies on your tail, just waiting to be clicked on, so you need an edge." UKFast isn't just a lean, mean hosting machine; the root of its existence is to educate developing entrepreneurs. With the help of many, from the likes of Travelzoo's UK MD, Joel Brandon-Bravo, Nick Brown, chief exec of Eazyfone, and numerous other big ballers, the series of round table discussions has become a goldmine of web knowledge. The purpose is to ensure that any business can understand, follow and develop the whys and hows of creating and utilising the criteria for successful digital business because often it can be too technical for most people's liking. UKFast's entrepreneurial MD, Laurence Jones has his own blog ( which is an entrepreneur's play pen with dozens of business growth reports that the MD really shouldn't be spreading, but that's just how he rolls. Lawrence says, "Ecommerce is one of the fastest growing markets in the world. With Google recognising that rapid sites create a better user experience, it has never been more important for online businesses to quite literally accelerate their online fortunes." We may be blowing our own trumpet just a tad, but we really do know a thing or two about the internet. To find out more about the Building Online Britain GTI (Growth Through Innovation scheme) and how to apply for £1000 towards any UKFast dedicated hosting solution, steer yourself toward and give yourself a jump start on the UKFast Express, next stop - 'satisfactionville'.
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