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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Google says speed is vital online

Article date: Fri, 26 Jun 2009 12:22 GMT

Google's speed website Google has announced its aim to make the web faster, claiming speed is vitally important to the internet- the greatest platform of our time. The internet search leader's announcement is very timely for UKFast - the hosting provider has been touting the need for speed for six months. UKFast has been pressuring Google to give a response on how speed affects online success for some time and is pleased to now have the backing of the giant on this subject. Managing director of UKFast, Lawrence Jones, said: "It is extremely gratifying to confirm that we are at the cutting edge online with Google joining the fight for speed. We've been talking about speed for many months and Google's backing can only help our fight to make the internet a speedier, more dynamic, user-friendly environment." On Tuesday Google launched a new developer website that aims to accelerate the internet as a whole - not just Google. Bill Coughran, Google senior VP engineer says on the 'Let's make the web faster' video: "The belief is that humans, around the hundred millisecond range, can start to perceive changes in time. Making the entire web faster is a big challenge and although Google is a major player in the internet it cannot move the entire internet on its own." Vic Gundotra, VP engineer at Google reinforces the message, saying: "Our internal data shows that users clearly, even subconsciously, prefer sites and applications that are snappier. Google is very interested in improving the speed of the web because it is the most important platform of our time. And by making the web better and faster we not only make Google applications better, but in fact all the applications that users know and love." UKFast is offering information on how speed affects a website's performance at No responsibility can be taken for the content of external Internet sites.
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