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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Gail Jones combines work + home using technology

Article date: Fri, 16 Jun 2006 10:34 GMT

Gail and Tegan on holiday earlier this year

Gail Jones is a working mum using technology to her advantage. As co-founder and operations director at the UK's Best Hosting Provider UKFast, Gail has juggled a family at home and a team in the office since the birth of her first daughter Tegan two and a half years ago. Now Gail is off on maternity leave again, but she'll still be in charge from afar!

Gail was instrumental in setting up UKFast.Net seven years ago and is a driving force in the business. So much so that when it came to the birth of her first daughter, she insisted systems were developed so she could continue working from home. “I was determined to remain a crucial cog in the machine while away from the office,” says Gail.

Gail realises how lucky she is to work in technology and believes the forward thinking nature of the industry has allowed her remain in control. “I'm lucky to have the best of both worlds. I wasn't willing to miss my time with Tegan and yet I was able to stay on task from home until she joined nursery. I became a virtual office manager. I remember paying the staff wages minutes after getting home from hospital!”

Her husband and business partner Lawrence knows just how integral Gail is to the team. “With the first birth, we created new software to compensate, but as the company grows, Gail's role diversifies. There's no way we could replace her with software this time!”

At only 28, Gail is preparing to take up operations from home and when she gives birth to Poppy she will be able to remain in charge of a ten strong technical team between changing nappies and feeding.

UKFast is an award winning Internet Service Provider having impressed the ISPA official body year after year with their customer service, an area that Gail is responsible for. “Running operations for the UK's Best Hosting Provider is a big responsibility,” says Gail. “But so is bringing up a young family. As I've got the facility to do both, I think I'd be crazy not to.”

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