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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

From fifteen feet under to the top of the Net

Article date: Wed, 01 Feb 2006 10:04 GMT

Lawrence Jones with daughter TeganSome people would say Lawrence Jones is living on borrowed time. If so, he's using it exceptionally well. As his award winning Internet Company UKFast announces record figures, he recalls the moment five years ago that he escaped death when caught in an avalanche. While snowboarding in January 2001, Jones was traversing a 100ft ravine when an avalanche hit. His companions regrouped but one man was missing. “I said goodbye to people I knew I was going to miss,” Jones remembers, “people I wished I had said a proper goodbye to and dearly wanted to spend more time with. Then my body actually shut down while I was conscious of it, conscious that I couldn't breath under the sheer weight of snow.” Eight minutes later, he was dug out, revived and airlifted to hospital. “Always wear an avalanche detector and take a thoracic heart surgeon with you” is his advice now on venturing off-piste. And it's no exaggeration. One of Jones's companions, a heart surgeon, tunnelled deep into the snow to revive him. The extent of his good fortune came home whilst lying in Grenoble Hospital. “Every single person – porters, kitchen staff, matrons, doctors, kept touching me and saying ‘avalanche'. I was told they wanted my luck to rub off on them.” Five years on Jones is willing to admit that luck has played its part. But his success is more likely due to the incredible ‘can do' attitude that was born the day he almost died. “As far as I am concerned every moment I have is a bonus and a chance to create the most fulfilling life possible.” “My friends refused to give up on me after 8 minutes under the snow. My heart stopped but they got it going again. Because of this I now have a wonderful wife, a beautiful daughter, another baby on the way and a fantastic extended family at the office that my wife and I have built from nothing. Every time UKFast wins an award I pinch myself and wonder is this just a dream and did I really die that day.” UKFast finished 2005, as the official number one Hosting ISP in the UK. The year saw the client list grow by 62% and the turnover more than double. “We attracted a lot of attention last year from the industry,” says Jones “I've refused about a dozen take over bids. Every time I simply say ‘We're not finished yet, in fact we've only just begun.” For more information contact Jonathan Bowers
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