Foreign invasion chases UK's online consumers

Article date: Mon, 06 Aug 2007 15:39 GMT

Online consumersIt has been known for a while that search engines reward businesses that host within the country they are trading by ranking them more highly. But now, the UK is beginning to see the effects of this with foreign companies flooding into our data centres to win a share of the market, says Lawrence Jones, managing director of business hosting provider UKFast. UKFast's recent six month figures show that over 33 per cent of the hosts new enterprise level clients are overseas businesses. The US, Australia and Continental Europe take the lead and as enterprise clients they are taking the move very seriously. "It is great for hosting companies like us to take on huge solutions from countries like the US and Germany but it presents a stark reality. The global marketplace allows anyone to do business with UK consumers. For the benefit of the UK economy, the home grown talent needs to be aware of the competition and be prepared to challenge it." According to Laura Blizard, marketing manager at internet marketing consultancy Harper James, Web 2.0 has brought user recommendation to the forefront for UK consumers and revitalised their trust in online traders. "We have never been more willing to spend online and companies at home and abroad are aware of this new climate." For more information please contact Jonathan Bowers (0870 421 1585).
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