Entrepreneurs Forum Comes to Manchester

Article date: Thu, 03 Feb 2011 12:21 GMT

Entrepreneurs Forum

Following the launch of Vince Cable's Entrepreneurs Forum, UKFast kick-starts its 2011 season of roundtable events, engaging business innovators in topical debates.

Cable's entrepreneurs include some of the most wealthy and successful business people in Britain who will discuss how to encourage small business owners to drive the economy forward. Complementing this approach, UKFast's round-tables unite entrepreneurs at ground level by going straight to the source and engaging the individuals working at the coal face of industry.

The round-tables are held at UKFast's head office in Manchester city centre. By bringing together both local and national business-minded individuals, topical discussions reveal the key drivers changing the face of business in the UK.

With a particular focus on the online economy, experts come from a range of businesses, from both small owner-operators to large online pioneers including: Travelzoo, learndirect and the BBC. The debates are filmed and syndicated out to media partners.

Cable states "People with the courage to start up a business will be crucial to driving the growth of the economy. Start-ups create jobs, stimulate innovation and provide a competitive spur to existing businesses to encourage them to increase their productivity."

Lawrence Jones, managing director of UKFast, comments: "It is fantastic to see that Cable's initiative is recognising entrepreneurialism as the life blood of the economy. We want to build on this, providing a voice for the everyman and with a particular emphasis on the online industry."

The upcoming UKFast round-table schedule includes discussions on: Twitter as a Marketing Channel, E-commerce and the Mobile Landscape, Recruitment and the Internet and Building on Customer Feedback.

UKFast has also announced that it will be producing podcasts of the discussions alongside the videos, which will be available for download, for free, throughout the year.

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