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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Business hosting the dedicated way

Article date: Fri, 04 Feb 2005 00:00 GMT

Companies in the North of England are revolutionising their performance on the Internet. 86% currently maintain a web presence* and new research** claims that over one third now boast their own dedicated server housing their website. By all accounts, they are tightening control on a vastly profitable area. Lawrence Jones, Managing Director of Manchester's UKFast explains: “Whilst hosting your website on a shared server is perfectly acceptable and economical, the more demanding online business may discover administrational restrictions. Sharing your server can also hamper speed and reduce uptime. You are affected by the performance of other people's websites.” A surprising amount of those upgrading are from the leisure industry. A Google search for ‘Junior Sports' will bring to the top of the list. Cheshire Brother's John and Richard Hough publish UK wide junior sports results and related news. On launching, the site rapidly became popular and shared hosting struggled with the accumulated traffic. “As soon as we re-launched on a dedicated server the hits rolled in and our rankings on search engines improved dramatically,” remembers Richard Hough. “We now have 10,000 registered members as well as up to 75,000 unique viewers visiting our pages each month.” Drinker's goldmine, experienced a similar growth on moving to dedicated solutions. The Leeds based company now lists over 3500 drinking holes across the UK. It also caters for over 60,000 viewers every week searching for their Friday night pint. The new speed and reliability of Pub-Explorer has attracted many landlords to place their details, building in parallel an extensive database and the company's profit margins. Flexibility is also a consideration. “I talk to businesses everyday that crave greater control over their online capabilities,” says Lawrence Jones. “A dedicated server allows you complete access and the ability to use any software and applications that you desire. If your business has online potential then upgrading to a dedicated server not only improves your site, but can take your profits to a whole new level.” Our Kids Sports have been able to concentrate on raising revenue. Hough confirms; “We've seen sales of sports gear ramp up in proportion to our new levels of activity, and with a handful of small leisure businesses sub-letting space, our part-time venture not only pays for itself but is starting to make a healthy profit.” With an estimated 6 million broadband connections in the UK, the online market is vast for any company involved in e-commerce. And those taking a large bite into the online market claim their own dedicated servers – it's the guaranteed way to succeed. * DTI International Benchmarking Study 2004 ** Harper James Survey of 77 UK Businesses, December 2004
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