"Best Host" engineers self healing technology

Article date: Fri, 16 Dec 2005 14:54 GMT

Lawrence Jones and Neil Lathwood at the Heart of UKFastIt sounds like science fiction, but through a combination of in-house systems, ISPA Best Hosting Provider, UKFast.Net is giving birth to a 'Self Healing Network'. When hosting some of the most competitive e-commerce sites in the UK, as well as vital information resources for the government and NHS trusts, the Internet is a very serious responsibility. The quest for zero disruption led UKFast technicians to design and build their own advanced Load Balancers to distribute processing and communication activity evenly across the server network. The effect is that no single device ever gets overwhelmed. For UKFast's Technical Director, Neil Lathwood the break through is all part of a process to deliver proactive, fail safe solutions. "The challenge is creating an infrastructure that avoids problems by making its own decisions." He stresses the system's importance. "With some clients, it's often difficult to predict the number of requests that will be issued to their servers. We need to be fully prepared to keep massively popular systems online." But the rise of the machines is not all consuming! Lathwood concedes that there's still a point in the healing process where human intervention is necessary. Round the clock automated monitoring means that, in the event of a server problem, when clients' solutions are balanced across to healthy machines, UKFast technicians receive warning alerts via Email and SMS. Human intervention is now crucial to deal with the initial fault. Quickly, optimum efficiency is reached again and the server slips cleanly back into the loop, leaving cyberspace non-the wiser. New dating Website mysinglefriend.com is the brainchild of Property Ladder presenter Sarah Beeny. After promoting the site on BBC Radio One and ITV's Loose Women, hits to the Website went through the roof. Co-founder Amanda Barnes was well prepared with UKFast. "At such a crucial time in the sites evolution we absolutely cannot risk downtime," enthuses Amanda. "We can't have singles taking the plunge - adding their details only to lose the connection just before they hit 'submit'. With UKFast's intelligent re-routing we're guaranteed that every application to the site makes it through without a hitch." For more information contact Jonathan Bowers at UKFast
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