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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Awards help but location is the profit spinner

Article date: Mon, 06 Jun 2005 12:59 GMT

Lawrence Jones, Managing Director, UKFast.Net

UKFast.Net Ltd project a 100% increase in sales this quarter on the same financial period last year. Speculators attribute the massive increase to raised company profile following 2 Internet industry awards and UKFast's appealing location in the centre of Manchester.

Becoming Future Publishing's Best Business ISP at the end of 2004 raised public awareness for the Internet Service Provider in line with a 33.5% increase in the first quarter. Even more positive has been the impact of the 2005 Best Hosting Provider award, which was bestowed by ISPA at the end of February.

Managing Director Lawrence Jones is understandably thrilled with the effect of the accolades. However, more interesting is the recent trend in companies moving IT solutions away from London to the North's Internet capital.

“Companies across the UK are realising what Manchester has to offer. Internet options have diversified and London has been slow to respond. We get calls everyday from businesses desperate for quality of service at a price the capital struggles to offer.”

UKFast sales figures show that large PLC's swallowing up regional Internet providers is further fuelling the move to Manchester. As they phase out regional data centres and transfer support to overseas help desks, clients are voting with their feet and heading North.

“UKFast grew steadily over its first 5 years. This sudden increase now suggests a significant shift in business policies that will have huge positive ramifications for the North West,” believes Jones.

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