ADSL, Who's Talking to Your Customers?

Article date: Mon, 14 Jul 2003 00:00 GMT

An alarming number of web design companies are losing their clients by simply not offering ADSL. This "churn" is made easy as clients of web designers are having to consult with IT specialists on where they can obtain the best broadband.

In a large proportion of cases the third party company is able to persuade a client to move ISP's and often even change web designers.

To combat this, UKFAST have introduced what we believe is the most comprehensive reseller scheme around. is the unbranded ADSL service that allows vISP's and Web Designers to sell direct to their customer base. For a fixed monthly fee UKFAST give you access to their trade prices, enabling you to add Broadband to your portfolio without massive investment.

Managing Director of UKFAST Lawrence Jones commented, "Our resellers are more often than not key people in their communities. They have a better understanding of their clients and are in a stronger position to support and advise them. It makes perfect sense that they should have the lions share of the profit for introducing clients and maintaining the ongoing relationships."

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