Ultra Power Efficient Data Centres

Lower operating costs - We've built in multiple layers of redundancy, at every level

Our data centres achieve a PUE of <1.3 at full design load. This means that when the data centre is fully occupied, for every 1.3MW of power input into the data centre, 1MW is delivered to the IT equipment.

As a data centre operator with a low PUE we reduce our running costs with efficient technologies, that use less power. We pass these cost savings on to you.

Carbon Neutral

Additionally, we know that, as part of such a power-hungry industry, consideration for the environment is paramount. That's why we were the first UK hosting company to achieve PAS2060 Carbon Neutral standard, enabling us to offer 100% carbon neutral solutions to you.

What is PUE?

Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) is the measure of how efficiently a data centre uses its power. PUE represents how much of this power is actually used by the IT equipment, in contrast to power used by cooling, lighting and other additional plant within the data centre.

How is PUE calculated?

PUE Formula

Why is PUE important?

If a data centre is inefficient, and subsequently has a high PUE, the on going costs associated with running the facility (relating to cooling, lighting etc.) will also be high. These costs are typically passed on to the customer.

On the other hand, operators with a low PUE, have lower running costs - so can pass their savings on to the customer.

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Certifications and Industry Compliance

Your solution is only ever housed in our government and ISO-certified, ultra-secure data centres managed by security cleared personnel. And as an exclusively UK-based company, hosting with UKFast offers guaranteed data sovereignty. UKFast is a government approved supplier through the G-Cloud 12 framework.