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A new not-for-profit tech initiative backed by UKFast CEO Lawrence Jones is off to a flying start, with more than 60 startup founders and tech industry experts committing thousands of hours’ mentoring to the city’s startups.

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Video Nation Round Table Summary

UKFast Video Round Table

Video Nation Round Table Summary opinions.

Where should video sit in a company's marketing and advertising strategy and how do you make a high-impact film without breaking the budget? A panel of video industry experts discuss the opportunities that a fast-changing video market presents to businesses.

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Chamber View 12

Chris Moss on branding Orange and 118 118

Angie Robinson, Chief Executive of the GM Chamber, interviews Chris Moss the marketing guru who launched Orange and 118 118 at Manchester Central as part of the Business North West Expo.

Chris has now launched the directory enquiries company 118 118 in countries all over Europe. He also spent eight years heading up the marketing for Virgin Atlantic in their early years and sees himself as an intrepreneur, working like an entrepreneur within other people's companies.

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Chamber View 11

Manchester's Building and Development Review 2007

The Buildings and Development section of the Chamber is one of the sector's largest pressure groups outside of London. This month's Chamber Podcast comes from the group's Annual Review of the property sector, which took place at the Bridgewater Hall, Manchester on 20 November.

John Walding, PR Manager for the Chamber went along to get the highlights. The seminar is presented by chair of the section Phil Cusack and the three speakers for the afternoon are Ken Bishop, director of DTZ, David Leather from GMPTE and Janet Dunnett, the chief executive of The Piccadilly Partnership.

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