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Test, identify and secure your organisation against malicious phishing attacks

Phishing poses a significant threat to your organisation, and is the starting place of structured cyber-attacks against businesses. With 90% of businesses suffering data breaches from maliciously crafted emails, it has never been more important to protect your organisation from the ever evolving complex world of phishing.

UKFast’s Phishing as a Service tool sends campaigns to your employees to measure how many fall victim to phishing email attacks.The campaigns help you to identify weak links in your defences and deliver training to reduce the risk of hackers infiltrating your business.

Phishing as a Service allows you to explore your online security, test your user susceptibility and, crucially, monitor the strength of your organisation’s initial defence barrier.

Simulate realistic and challenging phishing attacks to test and train employees. Create multiple tests targeting specific groups, and publishes campaign results on user susceptibility.

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What is phishing?

Phishing is an attempt to obtain sensitive information by pretending to be a trustworthy source via electronic communication.

Social engineering attacks are increasing in sophistication and prevalence. 156 million phishing emails are sent out every day. And of the businesses and charities that suffered a cyber-breach or attack in the last year, 80% identified a phishing attack, making it the most common type of attack.

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Why Phishing as a Service with UKFast?

Phishing Made Simple

Phishing as a Service with UKFast features an easy-to-use web interface, allowing you to set up multiple campaigns, choose the employees or departments you would like to test, and view real-time results in the dashboard.

Simple, Secure Verification

Phishing as a Service provides you with a safe environment to test your employees, discover vulnerabilities and protect your business. Phishing as a Service is super secure to set up. Just verify your company's domain through an email link.

Complete Control

Fast to set up and easy to use, simply create a MyUKFast account, enter your details and then you're ready to go. If you're already a UKFast customer, just click the Phishing as a Service tab in MyUKFast. Choose your preferred phishing campaigns, when they should be sent and which individuals you want to send them to. Review the results easily through your campaign dashboard.

Enhanced Employee Training

When 80% of attacks are down to human error, Phishing as a Service allows you to spot weaknesses and train your team on how easy it is for hackers to infiltrate your systems via phishing. Don't let your team be the weak link in your security chain!

Don't get hooked by phishing attacks

UKFast's Phishing Infographic highlights why you need to keep your business safe and secure from phishing attacks and ensure your employees know how to detect and flag them before they breach your systems.

What does the current phishing landscape look like? What are the latest hostile phishing threats to watch out for? How can you ensure your employees can spot them? What types of phishing attacks are there? Read the Phishing Infographic now to find out!

Read it here.

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