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Great people provide
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UKFast People

At UKFast, we search out a very specific type of person when building and growing our team.

You need a team that you can count on around the clock, whether it's Christmas Day or just another day at the office. When the unexpected happens, you need a UKFast person at the end of the phone, someone who understands, someone who cares, a team mate who takes ownership and sees things through to the end.

We may not be the biggest hosting company in the world, but we have many awards for being the best.


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Our people are our greatest asset.

Every business says this, but how many start an induction off with a 3 day trip to the mountains in the Snowdonia National Park?

Every person at UKFast gets to visit and climb Snowdon, the highest mountain in Wales. We have a dedicated training centre at the foot of Snowdon in arguably one of the most beautiful settings in the UK. It's a tough few days. The team get to experience raft building and learn to work with and rely on each other from day one.

The team building we do as part of our induction sets up every person for the incredible journey ahead.

It's a journey we hope you will join us on, to see for yourself that inspirational service is something that is still very much alive in British business.

"Other hosting companies are faceless; UKFast is personal, human and fantastic to work with." Native Studios

Inspire your team

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If you want help inspiring your team, or you want to learn how our winning formula works, why not come and visit the UKFast campus or come along to one of our events and meet the team in person. Alternatively, our CEO and founder Lawrence Jones writes passionately on these matters.



Engage your team

People to People

We've learned that the first step to delivering unbeatable customer service is creating the right company culture. We invest heavily in energising, rewarding and caring for our staff and, in return, our team is passionate about the service they provide. To learn more about the link between employee engagement and great customer service, take a look at our whitepaper on becoming a 'people to people' business.



  • DYNAMIC: we'll actively seek your thoughts on how to improve our service to you through simple feedback channels
  • INNOVATIVE: we'll provide a helpful and consultative service, creative solutions, and a 'can do' approach
  • PROFESSIONAL: we'll keep you informed through timely, precise and honest communication
  • PASSIONATE: we'll build lasting relationships and help your business grow, regardless of your size or experience
  • SUPPORTIVE: we'll realistically manage your expectations by listening and caring.