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At UKFast, helping our customers to grow their business is our number one priority, whilst ensuring we give back to our communities.

We achieve this through our diversity groups and volunteering, but also in the digital community.

Open source technology is a core part of our business. We're empowering our customers with the same technology we use to develop our own applications. Contributing to the global, open source community with our range of packages, libraries, and tools, allows anyone to use these projects, for free.

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Helpful Open Source Resources

Take advantage of our helpful resources to make sure you know how to benefit from open source projects while empowering your organisation to give back to the community.


What is open source software?

Discover the world of open source software, and find out how you can get involved.


Watch us put open source into practice

Watch and learn. See how we're applying open source in our business.


Open Source Hackathon

Learn what our teams created for our Hackathon event, sponsored by Intel.

I’m very proud of our team contributing back to the open source community. Giving back is very much part of successful software development nowadays, so it’s fantastic to see that the UKFast team is passionate about doing so.
Neil Lathwood, CTO
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