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The news centre is part of UKFast's industry resources, bringing together stories from the online business world.


23 January 2018

Facebook Offers Funding to Secure the Internet

Facebook is offering grants of up to $100,000 for research into ways of improving internet security.


19 January 2018

Enterprise Attitudes to Digital Transformation are Evolving

Enterprises are fast approaching a tipping point in their digital transformation journeys, where their technology investments offer them a competitive edge, rather than just supporting their day-to-day operations.


18 January 2018

Lack of tech skills and abilities needed from firms

Many tech graduates face unemployment because their skills do not meet employers’ requirements, according to experts at Change Catalyst’s London Tech Inclusion event.


16 January 2018

Computer Science now Fast Growing subject for Undergraduates

Computer Science as an undergraduate degree subject has seen a gentle spike in demand between the 2015/16 and 2016/17 academic years, that’s according to the most recent Higher Education Student Statistics survey.


15 January 2018

Changes for Digital Government in Theresa May's Reshuffle

The Prime Minister’s cabinet reshuffle has led to several changes in digital government responsibilities.


11 January 2018

Citizens Want More from Public Sector Digital Transformation

A survey shows digital skills and lack of integration are among barriers to good online government services.


10 January 2018

Tougher Security with WPA3

New Wi-Fi technology vows to keep your traffic private even on a public network.


04 January 2018

Government yet to fully embrace digital

The Institute of Directors (IoD) has called on the government to focus on creating an environment for innovation rather than delivering specific technologies to take full advantage of digital transformation.


03 January 2018

Top UK Firms Still Overestimating GDPR Readiness

Less than five months before the compliance deadline for the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), most top UK and US firms are still overestimating their state of readiness.


29 December 2017

Twitter Rolls out Stricter Rules on Abusive Content

Twitter has begun enforcing stricter policies on violent and abusive content such as hateful images or symbols, including those attached to user profiles.


28 December 2017

Enterprises Urged to Embrace Public Cloud after Tech Innovat

Enterprises must embrace public cloud and tap into supplier’s latest innovations to maintain their competitive edge, according to IDC.


27 December 2017

Departmental Plans Focus on Skills and Innovation

Government departments have published its single departmental plans, setting out the priorities for each government department.


26 December 2017

Government Publishes 5G Strategy

The government has published an update to its 5G strategy, which was originally launched in this year’s Spring Budget.


22 December 2017

Uber is Officially Named a Transport Service, Says European

Uber is officially a transport company and not a digital service, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled.


21 December 2017

Hack Attack Shuts Youbit Exchange

A crypto currency exchange in South Korea is shutting down after it was hacked for a second time in less than eight months.


19 December 2017

How Machine Learning is applied in Industrial IoT

Machine learning can have a greater impact on people’s lives when applied to the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) than in consumer applications, according to a machine learning expert.


19 December 2017

Over one Million Homes and Businesses Lack 'Decent' Broadban

More than one million homes and businesses still cannot access a broadband connection capable of delivering a service of 10Mbps or higher.


14 December 2017

Innovation Key to Halt Cyber-Attacks

Innovative security systems are required in light of the number of cyber breaches taking place, according to the UK National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC).


13 December 2017

GDPR Prompts Businesses to use Motivational Tactics to Drive

Organisations are planning to adopt a carrot-and-stick approach to drive change in employee attitudes to data management.


06 December 2017

BBC to Help Students Identify Fake News

The BBC is to launch a new scheme to help young people identify real news and filter out fake or false information.


05 December 2017

Bitcoin Enters Top 10 DDoS Targets

The Bitcoin industry has become one of the top 10 industries most targeted by distributed denial of service attacks, a report has revealed.