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28 September 2016

Mobile Connectivity Still Costing Businesses Billions

A report from iPass shows business travellers are incurring hundreds of pounds of charges every month, despite efforts to bring down the cost of mobile connectivity for business users.The report said mobile professionals were estimated to be using an average of 6GB per person per month


27 September 2016

Yahoo Sued Over Data Breach

Yahoo is being sued over a recently confirmed 2014 data breach that exposed the personal details of nearly 500 million accounts.Sky News reported that Ronald Schwartz has accused Yahoo of gross negligence and filed a lawsuit on behalf of all those affected.The lawsuit seeks


26 September 2016

UK Government Partners with Tech Startups on Cyber Security

The UK government has announced a “groundbreaking” partnership with tech startups to develop cutting-edge, world-leading cyber security technology.As part of the government’s £1.9m National Cyber Security Programme, applications are open to cyber security startu


23 September 2016

500m Users Hit by Yahoo Hack

In the largest publicly disclosed cyber breach in history, Yahoo says “state sponsored” hackers stole information from about 500 million users.The hack took place in 2014, but has only now been made public.The breach included personal information such as names and emails as well as “unencrypted security questions and answers”.Yahoo said the stolen data in the attack included names, email addresses, telephone numbers, dates of birth and encrypted passwords but no credit card data.Yahoo said the information was stolen by “what we believe is a state-sponsored actor” but did not say which country it held responsible.Yahoo is recommending all users should change their passwords if they have not done so since 2014.


21 September 2016

Australia Adopts British Internet of Things Framework

In a bid to address perceived security issues Australia is adopting an Internet of Things (IoT) standard that was developed in the UK.The framework, known as Hypercat Australia, is being established as an independent, not-for-profit organisation and the standard will be administrated b


14 September 2016

Report Slams Government Data Security

The UK government’s approach to digital security has been slammed in a new report, issued by the National Audit Office (NAO).Across the government there are 73 teams and 1,600 staff with data security responsibilities.


13 September 2016

World's First Bionic Olympics Geared Up

Next month contestants from across the world using robotic exoskeletons, electronic arms, powered wheelchairs and other tech will take part in the world’s first bionic Olympics.The event will be held near Zurich and will highlight how people with physical disabilities can be help


12 September 2016

Bank IT Spending to Hit $241bn Across Four Global Regions

According to analyst company, Celent, banks in North America, Asia-pPacific and Latin America will together spend $241bn on IT in 2016 with an overall increase of almost 4%.The 2016 growth figure of 3.9% for the average spending increase is short of Celent’s prediction, which was made back in 2015, that spending would grow by 4.4% in 2016.The company now predicts that bank IT spending in these regions will grow by 4% in 2017 and 4.3% in 2018. According to Gareth Lodge, Celent’s banking group senior analyst in Europe,economic uncertainty and increased regulation could put pressure on IT budgets in Europe.He said: “The headline numbers for Europe show that IT spending is expected to grow across all businesses.“However, more countries seem to be faltering in their economic growth.“Whilst not in decline, combined with the increasing regulatory burden, many banks are starting to find it tough going, with pressure on both costs and revenue.


09 September 2016

NHS to Expand Cyber Security Service

NHS Digital is launching three cyber security services, which will be rolled out to NHS health and care organisations.The services have been created by the organisation’s cyber security arm, CareCert, which launched last year.The aim of the programme is to enhance cyb


08 September 2016

Computing GCSE Gains Popularity but Grades Drop

The number of girls taking computing at GCSE level has more than doubled, with the subject being more popular than ever before.The number of students taking the subject has risen by 76% from 35,000 in 2015 to 62,000 students sitting the exam this year.While the Compting GCS


07 September 2016

Hunt Announces £120m Funding for NHS Digital Excellenc

Health secretary Jeremey Hunt has announced funding of up to £10m each to 12 NHS trusts which have been selected to become centres of digital excellence.Universities will be asked to host the academy which aims to train NHS professionals to deliver digital healthcare. 


06 September 2016

HSBC Customers Can Open Accounts with Selfie ID

HSBC is using facial recognition technology that enables customers to open an account using a selfie as ID.The app uses facial tracking technology to take a head shot using an IOS or Android smartphone or tablet, which is then compared with other ID documents uploaded by the customers,


05 September 2016

Last.FM Confirms 2012 Hack Figures

More than 43 million accounts were compromised in a hack at Last.FM in 2012.The news comes shortly after cloud storage service, Dropbox, confirmed that 68,680,741 user credentials were exposed in a data breach in the same year.At the time of the breach, Last.FM urged i


02 September 2016

Hacker Jailed for Four Years

A Romanian hacker who targeted high-profile US politicians has been sentenced to 52 months in prison.Known online as “Guccifer” Marcel Lazar pleaded guilty in May on charges of aggravated identity theft and unauthorised access of a computer.Lazar targeted former


01 September 2016

Dropbox Hack Affected 68 Million Users

According to security experts a Dropbox security breach in 2012 has affected more than 68 million account holders.Last week Dropbox reset all passwords that had remained unchanged since mid-2012 as a “preventative measure”.Back in 2012 Dropbox had said hacks on


31 August 2016

Fastest Mobile Network Speed Broken

A new record has been set for the world’s fastest mobile internet speed.Elisa, a Finnish network operator, has claimed it has achieved a 1.9 gigabit-per-second speed on a test network – claiming this is the fastest on record.Theoretically the hyper-fast mobile i


30 August 2016

Less than a Third of Organisations Prepare for IoT Security

According to security firm Tripwire, the security industry needs to address the security basics with the growing number of IoT devices in corporate networks.According to a survey which polled over 220 information security professionals at Black Hat USA 2016, just 34% of the respondents


26 August 2016

Google Adds Interactivity to Search Results

Google has added a number of features to its service.


25 August 2016

France and Germany Lobby for Decryption

French and German interior ministers are lobbying for decryption legislation.


24 August 2016

Ransomware Hits UK Hard

2016 has seen organisations throughout the UK repeatedly hit by ransomware attacks.


23 August 2016

Facebook Launches App for High School Teens

Facebook has launched a new social media platform to connect high school students.