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23 March 2017

Scottish Government Launches Digital Strategy

The Scottish Government has launched its digital strategy, promising to make the country a “vibrant and outward-looking digital nation”.


22 March 2017

NHS Launches Project to Increase Digital Health Tech Skills

The NHS is aiming to create a digital academy with the hope of training 300 chief information officers and chief clinical information officers to drive health and care transformation.


20 March 2017

HMRC Urged to Delay Digital Tax Plan for Businesses

According to an influential House of Lords committee, HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) should delay launching its ‘Making Tax Digital for Business’ programme until 2020.The advice stems from “unjustifiable risks” in the current timetable.


16 March 2017

Warning over Fitness Tracker Hackers

Security experts have warned that devices such as smartphones and fitness trackers could be used to hold people to ransom.


15 March 2017

NCSC to Educate Politicians on Cybersecurity

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) is to run special classes in a bid to educate UK politicians on cyber threats to democracy.


14 March 2017

Demand for Government Cyber Defence Apprenticeships

The government has said there has been a huge response to an apprenticeship scheme aimed at helping to defend the UK’s national critical infrastructure.


08 March 2017

Retail Industry Steps up Fight against Cyber Threats

The British Retail Consortium (BRC) has published guidelines to help retailers manage cybersecurity threats.


06 March 2017

European Data Protection Law Gives Consumers Control

The GDPR will require organisations to make the personal privacy rights of consumers a top priority.According to the UK privacy watchdog the GDPR, which will be enforceable by law from May 2018, will give people stronger rights to be informed about how their personal information is use


03 March 2017

UK Digital Strategy Highlights Key Issues

The significantly delayed government digital strategy (GDS) has finally been released.


02 March 2017

GDPR Good for UK Business and Economy

According to a number of data protection experts, implementation of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) makes good commercial sense.When asked what changes they would like to see after Brexit, they told the House of Lords EU Home Affairs Sub-Committee that they would like to see the GDPR in operation to an adequate level as a starting point.Senior consultant attorney at legal firm Hunton & Williams, Rosemary Jay, said: “That is critically the most important thing for business commercially.“We should look for the positives in the framework to look at what we can do in the right rather than trying to avoid the regulation because it offers protection for individuals and a framework for business in a digital world.”


01 March 2017

GDS Promises Focus on Skills and Industry Partnership

The Government Digital Strategy (GDS) has been launched today and pledges to grow the UK’s technology skills.


28 February 2017

Cybercriminals Net £8bn from Financial Services in 2016

A report has revealed cybercriminals netted an estimated £8bn from one million attacks on financial services in 2016.


27 February 2017

Government Puts Artificial Intelligence on the Agenda

The government digital strategy (GDS) will set out funding proposals to support the development of robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies.The strategy will be launched by the Department for Media, Culture and Sport (DCMS) and will include plans for several initiatives t


24 February 2017

Most Hackers Can Steal Data in 24 Hours

A study has revealed most hackers can break through security systems and steal data in as little as 24 hours.


23 February 2017

Government Fails to Meet Target for Recruiting Teachers

The government has failed to meet its target for the number of postgraduates who choose to take on teacher training to become computing teachers.Only 495 of the 723 applicants were filled for computing postgraduate teacher training for the 2016/17 academic year.The cur


22 February 2017

Industrial Control Systems a Threat to UK Cybersecurity

According to a cyber defence expert, vulnerabilities in industrial control systems are potentially the biggest threats to UK cybersecurity.  Azeem Aleem, Director of advanced cyber defence practice for Europe, Middle East and Africa at RSA said: “Industrial control syst


21 February 2017

Welsh Government Launches £5m Innovation Fund

The Welsh government has joined forces with Cardiff University to launch a £5m innovation fund for public sector organisations.


20 February 2017

Search Engines to Demote Pirate Sites

Search engines are pledging to make it increasingly difficult for UK internet users to find pirated films and music.


17 February 2017

The head of a Californian-based network and enterprise secu

The head of  a Californian-based network and enterprise security company has said collaborative security platforms will enable developers to focus on innovation.


14 February 2017

Santander Introduces Voice-Controlled Payments

Santander customers in the UK can now make payments using their voices as part of a new range of services.Users of the bank’s iOS SmartBank app are in the pilot group which is the second phase of Santander’s voice-controlled banking initiative.The app allows cus


14 February 2017

National Cyber Security Centre Officially Opens

The National Cyber Security centre has been officially opened by the Queen.