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13 November 2018

Google Pixel 3 Overheating Issues Cause Phones to Shut Down

Google Pixel 3 smartphone faces serious overheating issues, wreaking havoc for thousands of users.


09 November 2018

NHS to Use Technology to Predict Disease

Health and social care secretary Matt Hancock has proposed using technology to predict and prevent illness, with AI and genomics having ‘the potential to change everything’.


08 November 2018

How Startups Penetrate Policing

A new report looking at how startups can infiltrate the policing market has been released and highlights several challenges facing SMEs set to work with the sector.


26 October 2018

British Airways Hack Larger Than Thought

The payment card details of a further 185,000 people may have been stolen in a cyber-attack on the British Airways website.


25 October 2018

Majority of Border IT Systems Not Ready for Brexit

A report by the National Audit Office (NOA) has found that 11 of 12 ‘critical systems’ needed at the UK border are at risk of not being completed before the UK leaves the European Union.


24 October 2018

Mobile App Data Sharing is 'Out of Control'

Researchers at the University of Oxford have warned that data harvesting and sharing by mobile apps is out of control.


23 October 2018

Morrisons Declared Liable for Payroll Data Leak

Supermarket chain Morrisons has lost its appeal against a High Court ruling that found it liable for a data leak by a former employee.


21 September 2018

Equifax fined by ICO over Data Breach that Hit Britons

Credit rating agency Equifax is to be fined £500,000 by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) after it failed to protect the personal data of 15 million Britons.


04 September 2018

Air Canada App Data Breach involves Passport Numbers

Air Canada’s app has suffered a data breach resulting in the suspected loss of thousands of its customers’ personal details.


03 September 2018

Cyber-attackers switching to Covert Tactics

Researchers say cybercriminals are moving away from mass, high-profile attacks to ones that are stealthy and more subtle – as well as attacks targeting systems typically used in critical infrastructure.


24 August 2018

Nearly a third of organisations still not GDPR ready

A survey gas revealed that some 28% of organisations do not feel completely compliant with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


09 August 2018

UK above Average on Strategic use of Analytics

The UK has significantly more chief data officers than the global average, which helps drive strategic initiatives, however security is still seen as a major hurdle.


27 July 2018

Fix Culture to Make Digital a Success

According to a Gartner report, businesses with well-honed processes will often find it hard to adapt to new, digital transformation initiatives.


25 July 2018

Ransomware concern drops despite being top cost

Fewer organisations are worried about ransomware even though it remains one of the most costly cyber-attacks.


13 July 2018

Half of Young Girls Don't Think Tech Careers are Exciting

According to fashion ecommerce group YOOX Net-a-Porter, half of young women know about technology careers but think they are “unexciting”.


26 June 2018

London Cyber Innovation Centre Opens

The government-funded London Cyber Innovation Centre is set to open today and welcome the first cybersecurity businesses, as a study has revealed that a quarter of UK firms lack the right security technology.


20 June 2018

Younger Employees Main Culprits for Cybersecurity Breaches

A study has shown more than a third of senior executives believe younger employees are the main culprits for data security breaches in the workplace.


15 May 2018

IoT and Personal Devices Pose Security Concern to Enterprise

The cybersecurity risk posed to enterprises by the personal and internet-enabled devices making up the Internet of Things (IoT) is significant.


08 May 2018

Twitter Security Bug Highlights Need for Industry Change

Twitter has revealed that a bug in its system resulted in some passwords being stored in a log in clear text, underlying the need for alternative authentication methods.


01 May 2018

NHS to Spend £150m on Cybersecurity to Bolster Defences

The NHS is to spend £150m to bolster its defences against the “growing threat” of cyber-attacks following the chaos caused by the WannaCry virus.


30 April 2018

The Rise of Digital Technology in the Classroom

A report released by the British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA) has found that schools spending on ICT is set to rise for the first time in three years.